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All abstracts by Nadine Mattielli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Late Quaternary Sedimentary Provenances in the Central Arctic Ocean Inferred by Nd and Pb Isotopes of Fine Detrital Fraction
Fagel N, Not C, Gueibe J, Mattielli N & Bazhenova E

(2013) Holocene Peat Bog Records of Atmospheric Dust Fluxes in Southern South America
De Vleeschouwer F, Vanneste H, Mattielli N, Vanderstraten A, Piotrowska N, Coronato A & Le Roux G

(2013) Interlaboratory Calibration of Zn Elemental and Isotopic Compositions for Organic and Inorganic Reference Materials
Mattielli N, Shiel A, Gordon K, Petit J, Weis D & Couder E

(2013) Investigation of Archean Mantle Plume Components from 2.7 Ga Komatiites (Abitibi, Canada)
Duchemin C, Mattielli N, Debaille V, Arndt N & Chauvel C

(2012) Delta66Zn Profiles in Five Highly Zn-Contaminated Soils
Couder E, Smolders E, Delvaux B, Cambier C & Mattielli N

(2012) Zn Isotope Fractionation in Archean Komatiites and Associated Lava-Flows
Mattielli N, Haenecour P & Debaille V

(2012) Stagnant-Lid Tectonics in Early Earth Revealed by 142Nd Variations in Late Archean Rocks
Debaille V, O'Neill C, Brandon A, Haenecour P, Yin Q-Z, Mattielli N & Treiman A

(2012) Rare Earth Elements in the Misten Peat Bog (Belgium) as Tracers of Dust Depositions and Past Environmental Changes
Allan M, Le Roux G, Mattielli N, Piotrowska N & Fagel N

(2011) Atmospheric Lead Deposition in Ombrotrophic Peat Bogs of Southern Poland
Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł B, Mattielli N & Fagel N

(2011) Zn Isotope Fractionation in the Soil-Plant System (A pot Experiment)
Couder E, Drouet T, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C, Meeus C & Nadine M

(2011) Secondary Crustal Effects on MORB Composition at the Kolbeinsey Ridge
Elkins L, Sims K, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Dunbar N, Blichert-Toft J, Devey C, Mertz D, Schilling J-G & Murrell M

(2011) A δ30Si Reconstruction of Holocene Productivity of the Southern Ocean, East Antarctica
Panizzo V, Cardinal D, Crosta X & Mattielli N

(2011) Potential Source Variation in Munro Komatiites: Fred’s and Theo’s Flows, Ontario, Canada
Duchemin C, Chauvel C, Arndt N, Debaille V & Mattielli N

(2011) Metasomatism beneath the Kerguelen Plateau Associated with Heterogeneous Mantle Plume
Debaille V, Hublet G, Mattielli N & Weis D

(2010) Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Metal Atmospheric Deposition and Soil Contamination at the Vicinity of an Old Mining and Refining Complex (Portugal)
Mattielli N, Africano F, Matos JX, Branquinho C, Maerschalk C & De Jong J

(2010) Environmental Assessment Using Pb and Cd Isotopes at Abandoned Mining Site, South of Portugal
Africano F, Mattielli N, Matos J, Branquinho C, Maerschalk C & De Jong J

(2009) δ66Zn as a Tracer of the Zinc Biogeochemical Cycle
Couder E, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C & Mattielli N

(2009) (234U/238U) and (230Th/238U) Disequilibria in Fresh and Altered Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Elkins LJ, Sims KWW, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Blichert-Toft J, Blusztajn J, Devey C, Mertz D, Kelemen P, Murrell M & Schilling J-G

(2008) Nd and Pb Isotopic Signatures of Detrital Fractions from Labrador Sea and Iceland Basin Sediments: Deep Oceanic Circulation Changes over the Holocene
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2008) Cu and Zn Isotopic Changes from 1972 to Present in the Scheldt Estuary
Petit JCJ, Taillez A, Chou L & Mattielli N

(2008) Holocene Records of Regional Dust Deposition Using Peat Bogs
Le Roux G, de Vleeschouwer F, Cheburkin A, Krachler M, Shotyk W, Mattielli N & Fagel N

(2008) Zinc Isotopes in Polluted Substrates
Couder E, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C & Mattielli N

(2008) On the Origin of the EM-1 Component in Santiago Island (Cape Verde)
Martins S, Mata J, Munhá J & Mattielli N

(2008) Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Atmospheric Emissions from a Pb-Zn Smelter
Mattielli N, Flament P, Deboudt K, Petit JCJ, Perdrix E, Sivry Y & Weis D

(2008) Terceira Lavas Isotopic Signatures and Multi-Scale Mantle Heterogeneity at the Azores Archipelago
Madureira P, Mata J, Mattielli N & Queiroz G

(2008) High-Accuracy Determination of Iron in Antarctic Waters by Isotope Dilution MCICPMS Using Nitrilotriacetic Acid Chelating Resin for Preconcentration and Matrix Separation
De Jong J, Schoemann V, Lannuzel D, Tison J-L & Mattielli N

(2008) Pb-Nd Isotopic Constraints on Sedimentary Input into the Lesser Antilles Arc System
Carpentier M, Chauvel C & Mattielli N

(2007) Single Column Procedure for Quantitative Separation and Recovery of Cadmium (Cd) for High Precision Isotope Analysis by MC-ICP-MS
Verheyden S, Maerschalk C, Shiele A & Mattielli N

(2007) Spatial and Temporal (30 Yr.) Variations of Lead Geochemical Signature in a Macrotidal Highly Polluted Estuary
Taillez A, Jacqmot A, Petit J, Maerschalk C, Lemadec D, Fagel N, Verheyden S, Chou L & Mattielli N

(2007) Mineralogy and Nd and Pb Isotope Signatures of Clay-Size Fraction of Northern North Atlantic Sediments during the Holocene and Late Glacial: Implications for the Inception of Modern Deep Circulation Pattern
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2007) Plume-Lithosphere Interaction at Santiago Island (Cape Verde)
Martins S, Mata J, Munhá J & Mattielli N

(2006) Zn-Cu Isotopic Study and Speciation of Airborne Metal Particles Within a 5-km Zone of a Lead/Zinc Smelter
Mattielli N, Rimetz J, Petit J, Perdrix E, Deboudt K, Flament P & Weis D

(2006) Cu and Zn isotope fractionation along the Scheldt estuary
Petit J, Taillez A, Verheyden S, Chou L & Mattielli N

(2005) Siderophile Element Geochemistry of Restitic and Cumulate Xenoliths from the Southeast Province of the Kerguelen Archipelago
Pretorius W, Scoates J, Weis D & Mattielli N

(2005) The Val Gabbro Plutonic Suite, Kerguelen Archipelago: Evolution of a Volcanic Feeder System in an Oceanic Island
Scoates J, Weis D, Franssens M, Mattielli N, Annell H, Frey F, Nicolaysen K & Giret A

(2004) Geochemical and Pb Isotopic Investigations in Peat Bogs from Southern Chile: Identification of Particles Supplies and Possible Paleoclimate Record
de Vleeschouwer F, Ibanez M, Mattielli N, Maerschalk C & Fagel N

Gérard L, de Vleeschouwer F, Mattielli N, Streel M, LeRoux G & Fagel N

(2003) Kerguelen Hotspot Since 130 Ma: The View from Hf Isotopes
Ingle S, Weis D, Doucet S & Mattielli N

(2002) 238U and 230Th Excesses in Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Sims K, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Kelemen P, DePaolo D & Mertz D

(2000) The Kerguelen Plume Source Characterized by Hf Isotopes
Mattielli N, Weis D, Blichert-toft J & Frey FA

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