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All abstracts by Toshifumi Matsuoka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Structure Analysis on Oil-Mineral Interface for Application to Enhanced Oil Recovery
Tateyama Y, Kobayashi K, Murata S, Liang Y, Mino Y, Takahashi S & Matsuoka T

(2016) Cation Specific Bridging of Acid Oil on Muscovite Surface: Improved Description of Low-Salinity EOR
Kobayashi K, Liang Y, Murata S, Matsuoka T, Takahashi S, Shimokawara M, Amano K, Nishi N & Sakka T

(2016) P-T Diagram of Elastic Moduli of CH4 and CO2 Hydrate
Jia J, Liang Y, Murata S, Tsuji T & Matsuoka T

(2016) Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Slip Flow in Nanopores for Shale Gas Development
Okamoto N, Liang Y, Murata S, Matsuoka T, Akai T & Takagi S

(2016) Construction of Digital Oil for Bitumen
Sugiyama S, Liang Y, Murata S, Matsuoka T, Morimoto M, Nakano M, Ohata T & Boek E

(2016) Why NanoGeosciences are Necessary for Petroleum Engineering
Matsuoka T

(2014) How the Sub-Nanoscopic Rougness Affects the Hydrophobic Gap: X-Ray Reflectivity Experiment and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Katasho Y, Liang Y, Murata S, Fukunaka Y & Matsuoka T

(2013) Molecular Dynamics Study of Cement-Aqueous Solution Interfacial System: Cesium Ion Fixation
Kobayashi K, Liang Y, Bourg I & Matsuoka T

(2012) Molecular Dynamics Study of Aqueous Solution: Solubility Calculation with Kinetic and Thermodynamic Approaches
Kobayashi K, Liang Y & Matsuoka T

(2012) Determination of Line Tension Via Pressure Profile: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kunieda M, Liang Y, Takahashi S & Matsuoka T

(2010) Self-Accumulation of Aromatics at Oil-Water Interface. A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kunieda M, Nakaoka K, Liang Y, Miranda C, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

(2008) Nanogeoscience: There’s Plenty of Room at the Ground
Miranda CR & Matsuoka T

(2008) Experimental Research of Casing Cement Alteration by Interaction with Supercritical CO2 for Geological Sequestration
Kunieda M, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

(2008) Experimental Research of Plagioclase -Gas-Water Interaction at Hydrothermal Conditions Caused by CO2 Sequestration
Kuroda Y, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

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