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All abstracts by Paul R. D. Mason in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Milankovitch Climate Control on Redox Cyclicity at the Onset of the Great Oxidation Event
Lantink ML, Davies JHFL, Hennekam R, Hilgen FJ, Lenstra WK, Martin DM, Mason PRD, Reichart G-J, Ovtcharova M & Slomp CP

(2021) The Origin and Significance of Early Archean Hydrothermal Barite
Roerdink DL, Mason PRD, Van Zuilen M & Wilmeth DT

(2021) Petrology of the Nyiragongo Volcano, DR Congo
Molendijk SM, Namur O, Mason PRD, Smets B, Vander Auwera J & Neave DA

(2021) A Clinopyroxene Record of Primitive Melt Diversity and Mantle Heterogeneity beneath Italy
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, van Bergen MJ, Koornneef JM & Mason PRD

(2019) Oxidative Sulfur Cycling and Microbial Colonization of the Continents 3.2 Ga ago
Nabhan S, Marin-Carbonne J, Mason PRD & Heubeck C

(2019) Geochemical Fingerprinting of Eccentricity-Related Cycles in ~2.5 Ga Banded Iron Formation
Lantink M, Davies J, Hennekam R, Hilgen F, Howard H, Martin D, Mason P, Reichart G-J & Schaltegger U

(2016) Probing Earth’s Volatile Past with Sr Isotopes
Henshall T, Cook DL, Mezger K, Mason P & Schönbächler M

(2016) Iron and Silicon Isotope Evolution Across Palaeoproterozoic BIF of the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa
Oonk P, Tsikos H, Mason P, Williams H & Vroon P

(2016) Phosphorus-in-Olivine as a Tracer of Magma Chamber Processes
Ersoy Ö, Nikogosian IK, Mason PRD & van Bergen M

(2014) Se Isotope Signature of Paleoarchean and Paleoproterozoic Banded Iron Formations
Schilling K, Basu A, Johnson TM, Mason PRD, Tsikos H & Mondal SK

(2014) Iron and Sulfur Cycling in an Early Archean Basin: Coupling of Bulk Rock and Pyrite Isotope Data
Galić A, Stausberg N, Mason PRD, Vroon PZ, Whitehouse MJ, Strauss H & Montinaro A

(2014) Training with Oxygen: Abiotic Sources of Reactive Oxygen Species on the Early Earth
Balk M, Mason P, Stams A, Freund F & Rothschild L

(2013) Magma Sources within the Armenian Territory Since the Jurassic
Nikogosian I, Meliksetian K, Van Bergen M, Mason P & Navasardyan G

(2013) Peering into the Cradle of Life: Multiple Sulfur Isotopes Reveal Insights into Environmental Conditions and Early Sulfur Metabolism Some 3.5 Ga
Montinaro A, Strauss H, Mason P & Galić A

(2013) Melts in a Single Lava Flow from a Multiply Subduction-Modified Mantle Column Below Central Italy
Chaneva S, Nikogosian I, Van Bergen M, Mason P & Whithouse M

(2012) Searching for Traces of Early Life in Earth's Oldest Sulfate Deposit: The ca. 3520 Ma Londozi Barite, Swaziland
Roerdink D, Mason P, Brouwer F, Whitehouse M & Nhleko N

(2012) Microbially-Mediated Isotopic Fractionation of Selenium: Relevance for Biogeochemical Processes in the Geological Record
Schilling K, Johnson T, Sanford R & Mason P

(2012) Extreme Microbial Sulphur Isotpe Fractionation in a Mars Analogue Environment at Rio Tinto, SW Spain
Velasco E, Mason P, Vroon P, Roling W, Amils R & Davies G

(2012) Coping with Oxygen: Peroxy Defects in Rocks and the Survival of Bacteria
Balk M, Mason P, Stams AJM, Freund F & Rothschild L

(2012) Isotope Fractionation of Selenium during Sorption to Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide Minerals
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason PRD & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Phosphorus in Olivine from Italian Potassium-Rich Lavas
Chaneva S, Nikogosian I, Van Bergen M & Mason P

(2011) Selenium Adsorption and Associated Selenium Isotope Fractionation
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason P & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Microbial Sulphur Isotope Fractionation in a Mars Analogue Environment at Rio Tinto, SW Spain
Velasco E, Mason P, Vroon P, Roling W, Amils R & Davies G

(2011) Paleoarchean Barites Record Microbial Reduction of a Well-Mixed Marine Sulfate Reservoir
Roerdink DL, Mason PRD, Farquhar J & Reimer T

(2010) Selenium Isotope Fractionation during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Mitchell K, Mason P, Johnson T, Lyons T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Controls on Microbial Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Littoral Sediments
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Petrogenesis of Archaean Sub-Lithospheric Mantle Preserved in the Otrøy Peridotite Massif, Norway
Spengler D, Davies G, Pearson G, Mason P, van Roermund H, Drury M, Vukmanović Z & Wiersma E

(2008) Microbial δ34S Fractionation in a Shallow Submarine Hydrothermal Vent System, Vulcano, Italy
Stam MC, Mason PRD, Amend JP, Viňas M & Gerritse J

(2008) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes in Pyrite and Barite-Rich Sediments from the Barberton Greenstone Belt: Evidence for Microbial Sulfur Cycling?
Mason P, Reimer T & Whitehouse M

(2007) What Controls Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Modern Estuarine Sediments?
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Sulfur Isotopes in Barite Deposits from the Lower Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt: Evidence for Microbial Sulfate Reduction at >3.5 Ga?
Mason P, Asschert A, Reimer T, Kosler J & Whitehouse M

(2006) New possibilities for the in situ measurement of δ34S and δ33S by laser ablation multiple collector ICP-MS
Mason P, Kosler J, De Hoog CJ, Sylvester P & Meffan-Main S

(2006) Does sulfur isotope fractionation in natural sediments record sulfate reducing activity?
Stam MC, Mason PRD, Laverman AM, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Magma Chamber Processes Revealed by Silicate Melt Inclusions Hosted by Phenocrysts of the Szomolya Ignimbrite, Bu?kkalja Volcanic Field
Lukacs R, Harangi S, Ntaflos T & Mason P

(2004) Coupled Sr-Nd and Os Systematics of the Othris Ophiolite, Greece
Barth M, Davies G, Pearson D, Mason P & Drury M

(2002) Multiple Sources for Ultrapotassic Arc Magmas from Batu Tara Volcano, Indonesia
Herrin JS, Nikogosian IK, Van Bergen MJ & Mason PRD

(2002) Geochemistry of the Othris Ophiolite, Greece: Towards a Solution of the "Ophiolite Conundrum"
Barth MG, Mason PRD, Davies GR & Drury MR

(2002) The Individual Behaviours of Trace Elements in the Orogenic Alpe Arami Garnet Peridotite (Central Swiss Alps). A Detailed LA-ICPMS Study
Paquin J, Mason PRD & Altherr R

(2000) Multistage Metasomatism and Mineral Growth of Cratonic Mantle Recorded by a Glass-Bearing Garnet Lherzolite Xenolith from Letseng-La-Terae, Lesotho
Simon NSC, Davies GR, Pearson DG, Mason PRD & Irvine GJ

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