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All abstracts by Yves Marrocchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Nitrogen Solubility in the Upper Terrestrial Magma Ocean: An Experimental Approach
Boulliung J, Füri E, Dalou C, Tissandier L, Zimmermann L & Marrocchi Y

(2019) Reaction Rates and Products of Olivine Alteration in Ammonia Aqueous Solutions: Application to Icy Worlds
Zandanel A, Truche L, Hellmann R, Tobie G & Marrocchi Y

(2017) Storage and Diffusion of Helium in Olivine Grain Boundaries
Delon R, Demouchy S, Marrocchi Y, Bouhifd A & Burnard P

(2016) Incorporation and Diffusion of Noble Gases in Grain Boundaries
Delon R, Demouchy S, Marrocchi Y, Bouhifd A & Burnard P

(2016) Alteration Condition of CM Chondrites: An Experimental Approach
Vacher L, Truche L, Mosser-Ruck R & Marrocchi Y

(2016) Cooling Experiments of Fe-Fes Melts: A Cooling Speedometer of Chondrules
Mori M, Tachibana S, Piani L, Marrocchi Y, Schrader DL & Connolly, Jr. HC

(2016) Origin of Oxygen Isotopic Variations in Meteoritic Chondrules
Chaussidon M & Marrocchi Y

(2016) Experimental Protocol for Diffusion of Noble Gas in Polycrystalline Olivine
Burnard P, Demouchy S, Delon R, Arnaud N, Bouhifd MA, Marrocchi Y, Cordier P & Addad A

(2015) Synthesis of Refractory Organic Matter in the Ionized Gas Phase of the Solar Nebula
Kuga M, Marty B, Marrocchi Y & Tissandier L

(2015) Distinguishing Recycled Heavy Noble Gases from Atmosphere Contaminants
Delon R, Burnard P & Marrocchi Y

(2013) Origin of Refractory Organics in Chondrites: An Experimental Study
Kuga M, Marty B & Marrocchi Y

(2012) Origin of Q-Gases in Pristine Meteorites: An Experimental Study
Kuga M, Marty B, Marrocchi Y, Tissandier L & Zimmermann L

(2010) Xenon Isotope Evidence for UV Irradiation in the Hadean and the Archean
Pujol M, Marty B & Marrocchi Y

(2009) In situ Analysis of the Molecular Organic and Elemental Composition of a 3.33 Ga Microbial Mat from Barberton
Westall F, Lemelle L, Simionovici A, Salomé M, Marrocchi Y, Foucher F, Cavalazzi B, Meibom A, Robert F, Moustafaoui S, Jauss A, Toporski J, Laclean L, Southam G, Susan W, Vilette S, Jamme F & Dumas P

(2008) Ar Solubility in Mantle Phases (Revisited)
Burnard P, Toplis M & Marrocchi Y

(2007) Helium and Argon Solubility in Silicate Melts: Relationship between Solubility and Liquid Structure
Marrocchi Y, Toplis MJ & Burnard P

(2007) Neon and Plume – MORB Mixing along the Galapagos Spreading Center
Poirier V, Burnard P, Graham D & Marrocchi Y

(2002) Solubility and Diffusion of Helium in Amorphous Diopside and Anorthite: Measurements Above and Below the Glass Transition
Marrocchi Y, Toplis M, Pik R & Marty B

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