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All abstracts by Wendy Mao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Iron Isotope Migration between Silicate Mantle and Metallic Core
Lv C, Hu Q, Liu J, Mao H-K & Mao W

(2017) The Pressure-Induced Structural Response of Rare Earth Hafnate and Stannate Pyrochlore from 0.1-50 GPa
Turner K, Rittman D, Tracy C, Heymach R, Turner M, Mao W & Ewing R

(2014) Iron Isotope Fractionation Factors at High Pressure
Shahar A, Mao W, Gleason A, Reagan M & Sano-Furukawa A

(2014) Formation of Iron Melt Channels in Silicate Perovskite at Earth’s Lower Mantle Conditions
Shi CY, Mao W, Zhang L & Yang W

(2012) Mg, Fe-Rich Carbonates Stability at Lower Mantle Conditions
Boulard E & Mao W

(2012) In situ Determination of Crystal Structure of (Mg, Fe)SiO3
Zhang L, Yang W, Meng Y, Wang L, Zeng Q-S, Mao W & Mao H-K

(2012) High Pressure Constraints Core Formation from X-Ray Nanoscale Tomography
Shi Y, Mao W, Zhang L, Yang W, Liu Y & Wang J

(2009) Applications of Neutron Diffraction Studies at LANSCE to Environmental & Energy Problems
Hickmott D, Xu H, Zhao Y, Luo J, Lokshin K & Mao W

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