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All abstracts by Vladimir Malkovets in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Thermal State and Composition of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Upper Muna Kimberlite Field, Yakutia
Dymshits A, Sharygin I, Yakovlev I & Malkovets V

(2019) Re-Os Dating of Sulfide Inclusions in Cr-Pyropes from the Upper Muna Kimberlites
Malkovets V, Rezvukhin D, Griffin W, Tretiakova I, Pearson N, Gibsher A, Belousova E, Zedgenizov D & O'Reilly S

(2019) Subisobaric Cooling of Mafic Xenoliths from the Udachnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberia
Sapegina A, Perchuk A, Safonov O, Yapaskurt V, Shatsky V & Malkovets V

(2016) Major- and Trace-Element Zoning in Cr-Pyropes with Spinel Inclusions from the Internatsionalnaya Kimberlite Pipe, Siberian Craton
Rezvukhin D, Malkovets V, Sharygin I, Ota T, Tsujimori T & Nakamura E

(2016) Ar-Ar Dating of K-Richterite from the Bab'e Leto (An-134) Kimberlite Pipe, East Ukukit Field, Siberian Craton
Malkovets V, Yudin D, Rezvukhin D, Gibsher A, Tretiakova I & Tsujimori T

(2016) U-Pb Dating of Zircons from Paleozoic Lamprophyric Dykes of Western Sangilen (CAOB)
Gibsher A, Malkovets V, Tretiakova I, Belousova E, Rudnev S, Gibsher A, Tsujimori T & Shelepaev R

(2015) Crustal Evolution of the Markha Terrane, Siberian Craton: Evidences from U-Pb, Hf- and O-Isotope Data for Zircons from the Nakyn Kimberlites
Tretiakova I, Belousova E, Griffin W, Malkovets V & Pearson N

(2012) The End of the Hadean: The World Turns over
Griffin W, Malkovets V, Belousova E, O'Reilly S & Pearson N

(2012) The Geochemical Features of the Garnets from Peridotites of Udachnaya Pipe (Yakutia)
Pokhilenko L, Malkovets V, Agashev A & Griffin W

(2011) Late Metasomatic Addition of Garnet to the SCLM: Os-Isotope Evidence
Malkovets V, Griffin W, Pearson N, Rezvukhin D, O'Reilly S, Pokhilenko N, Garanin V, Spetsius Z & Litasov K

(2011) Deep Crust of the Siberian Craton Evidence from Xenolith
Shatsky V, Malkovets V, Griffin W, Belousova E & O'Reilly SY

(2010) Thickness of Diamond-Bearing Metasomatic Aureoles in the Cratonic SCLM
Malkovets V, Griffin W, Pokhilenko N, O'Reilly S & Mishenin S

(2009) U/Pb Dating of Zircons from the Lower Crustal Xenoliths from Siberian Kimberlites
Malkovets V, Belousova E, Griffin W, Buzlukova L, Shatsky V, O'Reilly S & Pokhilenko N

(2003) Paleozoic Upper Mantle of the Southern Frame of the Siberian Platform: Structure and Composition
Malkovets V, Gibsher A, Litasov Y, O’Reilly S & Griffin W

(2000) Argon-Argon Dating of Camptonite Dikes of the Sangilen, Southeastern Tuva, Russia
Izokh A, Gibsher N, Malkovets V & Travin A

(2000) Argon-Argon Dating of Basanites from Volcanic Pipes of the Minusa Region SW of the Siberian Craton
Malkovets V, Travin A, Reutsky V, Shevchenko D & Litasov K

(2000) Structure and Composition of the Mantle beneath the Minusa Region SW of the Siberian Craton: A Sr-Nd Isotope and Trace Element Study
Malkovets V, Ionov D, Agashev A, Litasov Y, Orihashi Y, O'Reilly S & Griffin W

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