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All abstracts by Emil Makovicky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) The Activity of an Ancient Biogenic Polysaccharide: A Strong Growth Inhibitor and Morphology Moderator for Calcite
Sand KK, Pedersen CS, Sjöberg S, Nielsen JW, Makovicky E & Stipp SLS

(2013) Calcite Step Growth Velocities; A Function of Saturation Index and the Ca2+ to CO32- Activity Ratio
Sand KK, Tobler DJ, Larsen KK, Makovicky E & Stipp SLS

(2013) Hematite Scalenohedra – Ancient Jewelry and a Problem of Sedimentary Mineralogy
Makovicky E, Parisatto M & Højlund F

(2011) CaCO3 Polymorph Growth and Stabilization in Water-Ethanol Mixtures
Sand K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Makovicky E, Benning L & Stipp S

(2009) Clay Interaction with Organic Ligands and Siderophores in a CO2 Atmosphere
Hem C, Mitchell A, Bovet N, Stipp S & Makovicky E

(2009) The Influence of Ethanol Adsorption on the {10¯14} Calcite Surface
Sand K, Cooke D, Hassenkam T, Yang M, Makovicky E, Bechgaard K & Stipp S

(2004) An Investigation of the Crystal Structure of Hematite and Specularite: What is the Role of Composition?
Bjerring M, Stipp S, Makovicky E & Balic-Zunic T

(2004) Packing Schemes of Cavities in Selected Clathrasils and Zeolites and their Analogues in Crystal Structures
Piper Hem C, Makovicky E & Balic-Zunic T

(2004) The Present State of the Fe-Co-ni-as-s System
Hem S & Makovicky E

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