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All abstracts by Katherine Maher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) The Influence of Diagenesis and Mineralogy on Ca Isotopes in Lower-Upper Triassic Carbonate Rocks
Lau K, Maher K, Brown S, Silva Tamayo JC, Jost A, Altiner D, DePaolo D, Eisenhauer A, Lehrmann D, Paytan A, Yu M & Payne J

(2017) Dating Fault Activity Around the Globe by in situ Chronology of Fault-Related Precipitates
Nuriel P, Weinberger R, Craddock JP, Kylander-Clarh ARC, Hacker BR, Miller DM, Maher K & Uysal IT

(2017) Geochemistry of Shale-Fluid Reactions at Pore and Fracture Scales
Bargar J, Jew A, Harrison A, Kiss A, Kohli A, Li Q, Maher K & Brown G

(2017) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Metal Isotope Fractionation Using Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approaches
Maher K, Wasylenki L, Nelson J, Joe-Wong C, Bargar J & Brown Jr. G

(2017) Alteration of Porosity and Permeability within a Shale Matrix during Hydraulic Fracturing
Li Q, Jew A, Harrison A, Kiss A, Brown Jr. G, Bargar J & Maher K

(2017) Applications of Marcus Theory to Stable Metal Isotope Fractionation during Redox Reactions
Joe-Wong C, Weaver K, Brown S & Maher K

(2017) Relationships between the Silicate Weathering Feedback, pCO2 and Equilibrium Solute Concentrations
Winnick M & Maher K

(2015) Chemical and Isotopic Dynamics of Spring Water Table Rise at Rifle, CO
Christensen JN, Brown ST, Basu A, Schilling K, Conrad ME, Bill M, Williams KH, Johnson TM, Shiel AE, Yang L, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Yabusaki SB, Maher K, Weaver K, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2015) A Model for the Isotope Partitioning of Weathering Reactions in Catchments
Druhan JL, Maher K & Steefel CI

(2015) Stable Weathering Fluxes into the Oceans over Glacial-Interglacial Cycles from 10Be/9Be Records and Global Runoff-Weathering Models
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Ibarra D & Maher K

(2015) Cenozoic Carbon Cycle Imbalances and a Variable Silicate Weathering Feedback
Caves J, Jost A, Lau K & Maher K

(2015) Tales of the Deep: Weathering at the Base of the Critical Zone
Moore O, Buss H, Dosseto A & Maher K

(2015) An Increase in the Extent of Global Anoxia at the End-Triassic Inferred from Uranium Isotopes
Jost A, Bachan A, van de Schootbrugge B, Weaver K, Lau K, Maher K & Payne J

(2015) Ca Isotope Constraints on Early Triassic Marine Carbonate Chemistry
Lau K, Maher K, Altiner D, Brown S, DePaolo D, Eisenhauer A, Jost A, Kelley B, Kump L, Lehrmann D, Paytan A, Silva Tamayo JC, Yu M & Payne J

(2014) CO2 Uptake and Trace Element Mobilization in Icelandic Geothermal Systems
Thomas D, Bird D, Arnórsson S, Brown, Jr. G & Maher K

(2014) An “Ion-By-Ion” Model for Kinetic Isotope Fractionation during Mineral Dissolution
Maher K, Johnson N, Nielsen L, Weaver K, Bird D & Brown, Jr. G

(2014) Choosing a Model for Isotope Fractionation in Complex Systems
Druhan J, Steefel C & Maher K

(2014) Extent of Early Triassic Global Marine Anoxia from Multiple Uranium Isotope Records and Numerical Modeling
Lau K, Maher K, Kump L, Kelley B, Lehrmann D, Yu M, Altiner D & Payne J

(2014) What can Fault-Related Opals Tell us About Brittle Fault Behavior?
Nuriel P, Miller D, Schmidt K & Maher K

(2014) Carbon Cycle Constraints on the Cenozoic Silicate Weathering Feedback
Caves J, Jost A, Lau K & Maher K

(2014) Uptake of Isotopic Spike by Si-Rich Alteration Layer during Olivine Dissolution
Johnson N, Maher K, Thomas B, Rosenbauer R, Bird D & Brown G

(2014) Peering into Nanopores: XAS Studies of Zn Adsorption Under Confinement
Nelson J, Bargar J, Brown G & Maher K

(2014) Organometal Complexes Link Soil Development and Carbon Cycling
Lawrence C, Schulz M & Maher K

(2014) The Role of Mn(II) Mobility on Cr(VI) Generation in Groundwater
McClain C, Johnson S, Fendorf S & Maher K

(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry on Ultramafic-Hosted Magnesium Carbonates
Garcia del Real P, Kluge T, John C, Johnson N, Maher K, Bird D & Brown G

(2013) Coupling Fluid Residence Times, Erosion Rates and Weathering Fluxes to Evaluate the Operation of a Hydrologic Thermostat
Maher K & Chamberlain CP

(2013) Composition, Formation, and Role of the Si-Rich Surface Layer during Olivine Dissolution
Johnson N, Maher K, Bird D & Brown G

(2013) Ca, Mo and U Isotopes Suggest Neoproterozoic-Like Ocean Conditions during the Late Permian Mass Extinction
Silva JC, Payne J, Wignall P, Newton R, Neubert N, Brueske A, Eisenhauer A, Weyer S, Fietzke J & Maher K

(2013) The Influence of Flow Field Heterogeneity on the Observed δ53Cr Fractionation Factor during Abiotic Chromate Reduction
Druhan J, Maher K, Weaver K & McClain C

(2013) Probing Paleoearthquakes with in situ U-Pb SHRIMP-RG Analyses of Fault-Related Opals
Nuriel P, Maher K & Miller D

(2013) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Pedogenesis: Influence of Redox Recycling
McClain C, Maher K, Weaver K & Druhan J

(2012) Defining the Chemical and Physical Time and Length Scales that Control Chemical Fluxes from Landscapes
Maher K, Kouba C, Heaney A & Rosen V

(2012) Modeling the Influence of Organic Acids on Soil Weathering
Lawrence C, Maher K, Schulz M & Harden J

(2012) Exploring the Relative Influence of Fluid and Particle Residence Times on Weathering Using a Coupled Geomorphic and Geochemical Model
Mudd S, Yoo K & Maher K

(2012) Formation of the Si-Rich Layer on Olivine Surfaces during Carbonation Under in situ Conditions
Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2012) Exploration and Enhancement of Sm/Nd Carbonate Geochronology
Sullivan N, Baxter E & Maher K

(2012) Effect of Oxalic Acid on Geological Storage of CO2 Using Serpentinite
Kang S-H, Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2012) Large Magnesite Vein and Fracture Formation in Peridotite Rocks
Garcia del Real P, Maher K, Bird D & Brown, Jr. G

(2011) A Multi-Component Reactive Transport Model Assessment of Microbial Processes and Trace Metal Cycling Across a Gradient in Sulfate Reduction Rates along the California Margin
Schneider Mor A, Steefel C & Maher K

(2011) Adsorption of Organic Ligands on Silicate Mineral Surfaces in the Presence of CO2 and Water: Insight into Olivine Dissolution Rates
Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G

(2011) Solute Compositions and Fluid Residence Times along an Erosional Gradient, Middle Fork of the Feather River, CA
Kouba C, Maher K, Mayer K, Yoo K, Weinman B, Mudd S & Attal M

(2011) U and Sr Isotopic Variations at a Deep Underground Laboratory, Homestake Mine, SD
Cruz M, Maher K, Olsen N, Jones T, Conrad M & Sonnenthal E

(2011) The Role of Fluid Residence Times in Controlling the Chemical Fluxes and Isotopic Compositions of Rivers
Maher K, Schneider-Mor A & Oster J

(2010) Biogeochemical Reaction Networks Involved in Weathering Processes
Maher K & Steefel C

(2009) Why Weathering Rates Differ between the Laboratory and the Field
Maher K, Steefel C & White A

(2009) Kinetics of Kaolinite Precipitation at the Laboratory and Field Scale
Yang L, Steefel C, Maher K & White A

(2008) Vegetation over Hydrologic Control of Sediment Transport over the Past 100, 000 yr
Dosseto A, Turner S, Hesse P, Maher K & Fryirs K

(2008) High-Resolution Paleoclimate Records from Soils Using SIMS Approaches
Maher K, Harden J, Stock J & Reheis M

(2007) Control of Chemical Weathering Rates by Secondary Mineral Precipitation: A Reactive Transport Approach for Understanding Soil Genesis
Maher K, Steefel C, Stonestrom D & White A

(2006) Surface Ages and Paleoenvironmental Information from U-series Measurements of Pedogenic Opal
Maher K, Redwine J, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2005) Copper Isotope Fractionation at High Temperature: Investigating Copper Mineralization at Coroccohuayco, Perú
Maher K & Larson P

(2005) Rates of Silicate Dissolution in Deep-Sea Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & DePaolo D

(2004) U-234/U-238 Disequilibrium as a Measure of Weathering Rates in Soils and Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & Depaolo D

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