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All abstracts by John Maclennan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Novel Constraints on Magmatic Mushes from Kīlauean Olivines
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F, Kunz B & Wheeler J

(2020) Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and Crystal Growth in Basaltic Magmas
Hartley M, Arzilli F, Polacci M, La Spina G, Burton M, Le Gall N & Maclennan J

(2020) Lengthscales of Mantle Volatile Heterogeneity
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Murton B

(2019) The Roles of Source and Process in Generating Fe-Isotope Variability in Basaltic Suites: A Combined Empirical and Theoretical Approach
Matthews S, Williams H, Shorttle O, Soderman C, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2019) Redox Proxy Behaviours during Partial Melting of Mantle Lithologies
Novella D, Maclennan J, Shorttle O, Prytulak J & Murton B

(2019) Complex Magmatic Systems beneath Monotonous Basaltic Shield Volcanoes in the Galápagos Archipelago
Stock M, Geist D, Neave D, Bagnardi M, Maclennan J, Bernard B, Buisman I & Gleeson M

(2019) Millennial Storage of near-Moho Magma
Mutch E, Maclennan J, Holland T & Buisman I

(2019) Crystal Scavenging from Mush Piles Produces Spurious Melt Inclusion Records
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F & Kunz B

(2019) The Melt Inclusion Record of Mantle Source Heterogeneity Under Iceland
Maclennan J, Hauri E, Shimizu N, McKenzie D, Gronvold K, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2018) Can We Detect Carbon Rich Mantle Reservoirs?
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Miller WGR

(2018) Finding Geochemical Fingerprints of Melt Transport Processes
Shorttle O, Rudge J, Katz R & Maclennan J

(2018) Iron Isotope and Fe3+/Fetotal Hetereogenity Preserved on Inter-Eruption Lengthscales in Iceland
Williams H, Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2017) Cenozoic Magmatism and Dynamic Topography of Libya and Tibesti
Ball P, White N, Oppenheimer C, Stuart F, Maclennan J & Hoggard M

(2017) X-Ray Microtomography-Based Reconstruction of Total CO2 in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Le Roux V, Klein F, Moore L, Bodnar R & Maclennan J

(2017) On the Relationship between Melt Inclusion CO2 and Magmatic Storage Depths
Maclennan J

(2017) The Roles of Degassing and Mixing on Volatile-Trace Element Systematics: Implications for Global Carbon Budgets
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Rudge JF & Maclennan J

(2017) High CO2/Ba Ratios Measured in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Midfell, Iceland
Miller W, Maclennan J & Shorttle O

(2017) Evaluating Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Proxies along the Reykjanes Ridge
Novella D, Prytulak J, Maclennan J, Shorttle O & Murton B

(2017) The Petrological Record of Magma Storage Under Iceland and the Adjacent Spreading Ridges
Maclennan J, Neave D & Thordarson T

(2016) Volatiles in Primitive Plagioclase-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Neave D, Maclennan J, Thordarson T & Hartley M

(2016) Magma Plumbing Systems in the Eastern Volcanic Zone of Iceland
Neave D, Hartley M, Mutch E & Maclennan J

(2015) Solid-Earth Oxygen Cycling Revealed by Enriched Mantle Domains
Shorttle O, Moussallam Y, Hartley M, Maclennan J, Edmonds M & Murton B

(2015) The Composition of Melts from a Heterogeneous Mantle: Application of a Thermodynamic Model
Jennings ES, Holland TJ, Shorttle O, Gibson SA & Maclennan J

(2014) Geochemical Variability in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: Making the Link between Global and Local Datasets
Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Murton B

(2014) The Origin of Ferropicrite: High Pressure Melting of Mantle Pyroxenite beneath Continental Lithosphere
Jennings E, Gibson S & Maclennan J

(2013) Mantle Control on Eruption Style at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i
Edmonds M, Sides I, Maclennan J, Swanson D & Houghton B

(2012) Phase Equilibrium Constraints on the Genesis of Wehrlite Cumulates at Mid-Ocean Ridges and the Origin of the Clinopyroxene Paradox
Gaetani G & Maclennan J

(2012) Compositional Trends of Icelandic Basalts: Implications for Short- Length Scale Lithological Heterogeneity in Mantle Plumes
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

(2011) Local and Regional Magmatic Modulators to Mantle Signatures in Erupted Mid-Ocean Ridge Lavas
Rubin K, Maclennan J, Sinton J & Hellebrand E

(2011) Melt Generation at the Intra-Plate Al Haruj Volcanic Field, Libya
Nixon S, Maclennan J & White N

(2011) The Generation of Geochemical Asymmetry in MORB Around Iceland by Radially Symmetric Plume Flow Under an Asymmetric Ridge System
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

(2011) Statistical Sampling of Mantle Heterogeneity
Rudge J, Maclennan J & Stracke A

(2010) Temporal Isotope Variations in Glacial-Postglacial Lavas from Northern Iceland
Mervine E, Sims K, Blichert-Toft J, Maclennan J, Blusztajn J & Gronvold K

(2010) Spreading Ridge Geometry Controls the Symmetry of Plume-Ridge Interaction
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

(2010) Partial and Biased Preservation of the Mantle Signal in Icelandic Phenocryst Compositions
Winpenny B & Maclennan J

(2008) Short Length-Scale Compositional Heterogeneity in Basalts and their Mantle Sources
Maclennan J

(2008) Linking Volcanism and Long-Wavelength Domal Swells in Cenozoic Africa
Nixon S, Maclennan J, White N & Fishwick S

(2007) Melt Inclusion Records of Degassing from Persistently Active Volcanoes: Etna, 2006
Collins S, Pyle D, Maclennan J & Mather T

(2007) Magmatic Architecture and Geochemical Variability at the 9°N Segment of the East Pacific Rise
Maclennan J, Perfit M, Fornari D, Ridley I & Soule A

(2007) Melt Mixing and Crystallisation in the Plumbing System of the 1783 Laki Eruption
Passmore E, Maclennan J, Fitton G & Thordarson T

(2006) Modelling geochemical variations associated with rift relocations at Iceland.
Walters RL, Jones SM & Maclennan JC

(2006) The Generation and Destruction of Compositional Variation in Icelandic Magma
Maclennan J

(2000) Geochemical Variability in a Single Flow from NE Iceland
Maclennan J, McKenzie D, Hilton F & Gronvold K

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