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All abstracts by George Luther in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Iron and Manganese Cycling Influence on Alkalinity from a Redox Stratified Water Column of the Chesapeake Bay
Thibault de Chanvalon A, Luther G, Tebo B, Estes E, Necker J, Su J & Cai W-J

(2020) Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species and (Iron)silicate (Nano)particles in the Mixing Zone Above Hydrothermal Vent Orifices
Luther G, Shaw T, Estes E, Berti D, Hochella M, Yucel M, Findlay A, Ferry J, Rosas R, Coffey N, Oldham V & Dias D

(2018) Nanoparticulate Reverse Weathering Products in Focused and Diffuse Hydrothermal Flow
Estes E, Berti D, Findlay A, Gartman A, Hochella M, Yucel M & Luther G

(2016) How do Fe-Oxidizing Microbes Influence Biogeochemical Cycles? Perspectives from Kinetics and Metagenomics/Transcriptomics
Chan C, McAllister S, Field E, Chiu B, Hoppes K, Siebecker M & Luther G

(2015) Using Modern Fe-Oxidizing Microbes to Unravel the Evolutionary and Geologic History of Fe Oxidation
Chan C, Kato S, McAllister S, Field E, Gartman A & Luther G

(2015) Soluble manganese(III) is Ubiquitous in Natural Waters and Sedimentary Pore Waters
Luther G, Oldham V, Tebo B, Jones M, Mucci A & Sundby B

(2015) Microaerophilic Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria and Oxygenic Phototrophs in the Chesapeake Bay: Implications for Microbial Roles in the Production of Ancient Iron Formations
Field E, Kato S, Findlay A, MacDonald D, Luther G & Chan C

(2013) Soluble Manganese(III) and a Revised Sedimentary Redox Cycle
Madison A, Mucci A, Sundby B, Tebo B & Luther G

(2012) Hydrothermal Vents as a Source of Pyrite and Trace Metal- Containing Mineral Nanoparticles to the Oceans
Gartman A, Yucel M & Luther G

(2012) In situ Determination of Sulfide Oxidation Rates in the Green Sulfur Bacterium Chlorobaculum Tepidum
MacDonald D, Luther G, Hanson T, Findlay A, Shuman K & Hess D

(2012) The Coupling of Voltammetric Microelectrodes with Optical Microscopy: A Novel Combination as Applied to the Study of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidizers
Hredzak-Showalter P, Krepski S, Chan C, Emerson D & Luther G

(2012) Understanding Sediment Interfaces with Voltammetric Microelectrodes: Two Decades of Science and fun with Bjorn Sundby
Luther G, Madison A, Mucci A, Tebo B & Sundby B

(2012) Biogenicity of Iron Microfossils Based on the Morphology, Physiology, and Behavior of Modern Iron-Depositing Microbes
Krepski ST, Hredzak-Showalter PL, Emerson D, Luther Iii GW & Chan CS

(2011) Thermodynamics of One and Two Electron Transfer Steps: Implications for Iodide Oxidation and Iodine Environmental Cycling
Luther G

(2011) Soluble Mn(III), Mn(II) and Total Mn in Sediment Porewaters: Soluble Mn(III) is Ubiquitous
Madison A, Mucci A, Sundby B, Tebo B & Luther G

(2009) Post-Eruption Sulfide and Iron Content of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from East Pacific Rise, 9°50’ N
Yucel M, Mullaugh K & Luther G

(2004) Environmental Limits of the Circumneutral Iron-Oxidizing Bacterial Isolate ES-1: Field, Culture, and Kinetic Results from Voltammetric Analyses
Druschel G, Emerson D, Glazer B, Kraiya C, Sutka R & Luther G

(2004) Clusters, Nanoparticles and the Solubility Constant
Rickard D, Morse J & Luther Iii G

(2004) Metal Sulfide Cluster Complexes and their Environmental Significance
Luther G & Rickard D

(2004) Exploring Biogeochemical Environments Using in situ Electrochemistry
Luther G

(2003) Aqueous Metal Sulfide Clusters in Marine Sediments: Implications for Transport, Mineral Formation and Ecology
Rickard D & Luther Iii G

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