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All abstracts by Friedrich Lucassen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Offshore Neodymium Isotope Recordings of Neoglacial Ice Advance over South Western Greenland
Madaj L, Hillaire-Marcel C, Lucassen F, Weiser J & Kasemann S

(2017) Holocene Provenance Shift of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Amazon River Basin
Höppner N, Lucassen F, Chiessi CM, Sawakuchi AO & Kasemann SA

(2016) Lithospheric Evolution at the Early Andean Convergent Margin, Chile
Oliveros V, Vasquez P, Creixell C, Lucassen F, Ducea MN, Gonzalez J & Ciocca I

(2015) Nd Isotopes of Seabird Guano Reflect the Composition of Upwelling Waters off Northern Chile?– A Pilot Study
Lucassen F, Kasemann S, Wilke H, Vasquez P & Sepúlveda F

(2014) Radiogenic Isotope Signatures of Past Coastal Waters from Ornithogenic Sediments in North Chile
Lucassen F, Kasemann S, Vasquez P, Sepulveda F & Wilke H

(2013) Source Tracing in Li–bearing Brines, Salar Pozuelos, NW Argentine
Lucassen F, Korte L, Kasemann S, Meixner A & Alonso R

(2011) Element Redistribution during Rutile Dissolution and Titanite Precipitation
Lucassen F, Franz G & Rhede D

(2004) Cretaceous Metasomatism of Lithospheric Mantle: Trace Element and Isotopic Composition of Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths from NW Argentina
Franz G, Lucassen F, Viramonte J & Romer R

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