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All abstracts by Maeve Lohan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigating the Lability and Carbon Complexation of Glacially-Derived Iron Particulates at the West Antarctic Peninsula
Jones R, Hawkings J, Araki T, Kazemian M, Kaulich B, Lohan M & Annett A

(2022) Investigating the Behaviour of Iron during Sediment Resuspension along the Denmark Strait and the Greenland Shelf
Jones R, Annett A, Jariel C, Lohan M & Middag R

(2021) Iron (II) Oxidation Kinetics Variability in the Atlantic Ocean and Development of an Improved Theoretical Equation
González-Santana D, Gonzalez-Davila M, Lohan M, Artigue L, Planquette H, Sarthou G, Tagliabue A & Santana-Casiano JM

(2021) Behaviour of Iron during Sediment Resuspension at the Glacier Edge, West Antarctic Peninsula
Jones RL, Annett A, Lohan M, Kunde K, Lough AJM, Sales de Freitas F & Scourse J

(2021) Controls on the Distribution of Particulate Trace Metals Across the Western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf
Flanagan OG, Annett A, Sherrell RM, Fitzsimmons J, Ohnemus D & Lohan M

(2020) Biogeochemical Cycling of Chromium and Chromium Isotopes in the Sub-Tropical North Atlantic Ocean
Wang W, Goring-Harford H, Kunde K, Lohan M, Connelly D & James R

(2019) Impact of Hydrothermal Venting on Iron and Chromium Supply to the North Atlantic Ocean
Wang W, James R, Lough A, Goring-Harford H, Lohan M, Connelly D & Tagliabue A

(2017) Limited Exchange of Neodymium Isotopes with the NE Atlantic Continental Margin
Stichel T, Klar J, Crocket K, James R, Statham P, Lohan M, Milne A & Mills R

(2017) Iron along the GEOTRACES South Atlantic Transect GA10
Milne A, Conway T, Schlosser C, John S, Achterberg E & Lohan M

(2017) The Physico-Chemical Speciation of Iron over an Oxic Shelf Margin
Birchill A, Milne A, Ussher S, Worsfold P & Lohan M

(2017) Negligible Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2016) Zinc and Nickel Isotope Systematics in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2015) Seasonal Cycling and Off-Shelf Transport of Dissolved, Soluble and Colloidal Iron in the Celtic Sea
Birchill A, Milne A, Ussher S, Worsfold P & Lohan M

(2015) Detection of Pb from Natural Sources in the Tropical Atlantic
Bridgestock L, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Baker A, Achterberg E, Rijkenberg M, Lohan M & de Baar H

(2015) Particulate Iron, an Important Source of Dissolved Fe
Lohan M, Milne A, Schlosser C, Achterberg E, Chance R & Baker A

(2015) The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycle of Zinc and its Isotopes: The Dominance of Diatoms and the Southern Ocean
Vance D, Little S, De Souza G, Köbberich M, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2013) Tracing Changes in the Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron during the Annual Subtropical Spring Bloom East of New Zealand
Ellwood M, Boyd P, Nodder S, Hutchins D, Wilhelm S, Lohan M & Milne A

(2013) Understanding the Marine Biogeochemical Cycle of Pb in the Equatorial Atlantic
Bridgestock L, Paul M, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Achterberg E & Lohan M

(2013) Biogeochemical Cycle of Dissolved Zinc and Cobalt in the South Atlantic
Lohan M, Wyatt N, Milne A & Woodward M

(2013) Lead Isotopes and Concentrations in the South Atlantic from the UK GEOTRACES Transect along 40°S
Paul M, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Weiss D, Lohan M & Henderson G

(2013) Effect of Trace Metals and Light Intensity on Biomarker Isotopic Fractionation
Hernandez Sanchez MT, Stoll HM, Piotrowski A, Milne A, Lohan M & Pancost RD

(2012) Zinc Isotopic Data from the NE Pacific Reveals Shallow Recycling
Vance D, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2011) Quantifying Fluxes of Metals to Surface Waters of the South-East Atlantic
Henderson GM, Achterberg E, Baker A, Chance R, Geibert W, Homoky W, Hwieh Y-T, Klunder M, Lohan M, Martin P, Mills R, Milne A, Palmer M, Sanders R, Thomas A, Wake B & Woodward M

(2009) Reactive Iron in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
Lippiatt S, Lohan M & Bruland K

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