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All abstracts by Alla Logvinova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Evidence of Low Oxygen Fugacity in the Upper Mantle Domains beneath Northeastern Margin of Siberian Craton
Shatsky V, Ragozin A, Logvinova A, Wirth R & Reutsky V

(2019) Alluvial Diamonds from Iron-Saturated Mantle beneath Northeastern Margin of Siberian Craton
Shatsky V, Ragozin A, Logvinova A, Wirth R & Sobolev N

(2015) Monomineral Mantle Elcogite CPx and Garnet Thermobarometry
Ashchepkov I, Logvinova A, Spetsius Z & Stegnitsky Y

(2015) Diamond Inclusions: OH in NAMs
Taylor L, Logvinova A, Guan Y, Howarth G, Chen Y, Liu Y & Sobolev N

(2014) Evolution of Mantle Column of Pipe Sytykanskaya, Yakutia Kimberlite
Ashchepkov I, Reimirs L, Ntaflos T, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Travin A, Yudin D, Karpenko K, MakovchukI I, Palessky S & Salikhov R

(2014) Trace Element Behavior in Cr-Bearing Spinels from Different Occurrences
Lenaz D, Logvinova A, O'Driscoll B, Princivalle F, Schmitz B, Sobolev N & Zanetti A

(2009) Clinopyroxene Eclogite-Peridotite Thermobarometry of the Large Yakutian Kimberlite Pipes
Ashchepkov I, Logvinova A, Kuligin S, Pokhilenko L, Vladykin N, Mityukhin S, Alymova N, Malygina E & Vishnyakova E

(2008) Melts in Mantle Columns beneath Siberian Kimberlites
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Nikolaeva I, Palessky S, Pokhilenko L & Rotman A

(2008) Diamond Inclusions and Eclogites Thermobarometry, Siberia
Logvinova A & Ashchepkov I

(2007) LAM ICP Study of Cloudy Diamonds: Implications for Diamond Formation
Logvinova A, Àshchepkov I & Palessky S

(2007) Evolution of Kimberlite Magmatic Sources beneath Siberia
Ashchepkov I, Pokhilenko N, Logvinova A, Vladykin N, Rotman A, Palessky S, Alymova N & Vishnyakova E

(2005) Regularities of Mantle Structure beneath Siberian Craton
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Rotman A, Logvinova A, Pokhilenko H, Saprykin A, Palessky S, Anoshin G, Khelnikova O & Kuchkin A

(2004) Mantle Geochemistry and Consruction in Mirninsky Field
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Rotman A, Anoshin G, Saprykin A & Khmelnikova O

(2003) Geochemistry of Peridotite Minerals in Yubileinaya and Zarnitsa Pipes: Two Mantle Terranes
Ashchepkov I, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Rotman A, Palessky S & Nikolaeva I

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