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All abstracts by Liang Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Implication of AG -Type Olivine Fabric in Garnet Peridotite from Yinggelisayi of South Altyn Tagh,NW China
Geng G, Liu L & Ma T

(2020) Geochemistry, Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Compositions and Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Neoproterozoic Mafic Dyke in the Douling Complex, South Qinling Belt, China
Li T, Liu L & Liao X-Y

(2020) Discovery of the Silurian High Pressure Pelitic Gneiss in Southern Margin of Middle Altyn and its Tectonic Geological Significance
Ma T, Gai Y & Liu L

(2017) Role of deep-Earth Water Cycling in Cretaceous Magmatism in Southeast China
Li Z, Wang X-C, Wilde SA, Liu L, Li W-X & Yang X-M

(2016) The Subducted Mesoproterozoic Oceanic Crust in the North Qaidam: Constraints from Geochemistry, Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Study on Yuka Talc-Bearing Eclogite
Ren Y, Chen D, Gong X & Liu L

(2016) Muti-Stage Metamorphic Evolution of the North Qinling Belt: Constraints from Petrology and Zircon U-Pb Study on Zhaigen and Songshugou Retrograde Eclogites
Liao X, Liu L, Gai Y & Chen D

(2016) Chronological Study of the Anatexis of the Grt Biotie Gneiss from the South Altyn HP-Uhpm Terrane
Cao Y, Liu L, Wang C, Yang W & Kang L

(2014) Stability Pressure of the Supersilicic Garnet in the SiO2 Saturated System — Constraining the Peak Pressure of the UHP Gneiss from the Songshugou Area in the North Qinling
Liu L, Zhang J, Wu Y, Cao Y & Chen D

(2014) Mineral Geochemistry of Garnet, Apatite and Rutile in a Leucosome Intergrowth with UHP Eclogite from the North Qaidam of NW China
Chen D, Ren R & Liu L

(2013) Petrology and Geochemistry of the Mesozoic Potassic and Sodic Volcanic Rocks in the Yishu Deep Fault Zone, Shandong Province, Eastern China: Petrogenesis and Inferences on the Evolution of the Mantle Sources
Qiu J-S, Liu L & Li Y-L

(2011) The Inclusions of Carbonates in UHP Eclogite from the South Altyn Tagh, Northwest China: A New Constraint for its Peak Metamorphic Pressure
Liu L, Cao Y-T, Wang C, Chen D-L, Kang L & Yang W-Q

(2011) Atoll Garnet in the Yukahe UHP Eclogite: Evidence for Melt/Fluid Activity during the Eclogitic Facies Metamorphism
Chen D, Liu L & Liu X

(2011) Multiple Generations of Granitic Magma in the West Kunlun, NW China: Implications for Crustal Melting and Mantle-Crust Interaction at an Active Continental Margin
Wang C, Liu L, Yang WQ, Cao YT, Li RS & He S-P

(2011) Geochronology and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopic Compositions of Gabbroic Intrusions Adjacent to Southern Shang-Dan Suture Zone in the Qinling Orogen, Central China
Zhang C, Liu L & Li L

(2010) Dating of Multi-Stage Metamorphism Events: Constraints on Episodic Zircon Growth from Retrograded Eclogites of the South Altyn Tagh, China
Liu L, Chen D, Wang C, Cao Y, Kang L, Yang W & Zhu X

(2010) The Retrograde Partial Melting of the Xitieshan UHP Eclogite from the North Qaidam, NW China
Chen D, Liu L, Sun Y & Zhu X

(2010) Multistage Metamorphic Evolution of Garnet Peridotite from Altyn Tagh UHP Terrane, NW China: Records Related to Slab Subduction and Exhumation History
Wang C, Liu L & Chen D

(2010) Nb and Ta in the Rutiles from Eclogite in the Yuka, the North Qaidam UHP Belt in NW China
Zhao J, Chen D, Liu L & Zhu X

(2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the North Qaidam UHP Terrane, NW China
Chen D, Liu L & Sun Y

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