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All abstracts by Yuriy Litvin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Evolution of the Lower Mantle Magma and Diamond-Forming Melts (Experiment at 24-26 GPa)
Spivak A, Litvin Y & Dubrovinsky L

(2015) On Genesis of Diamondiferous Rocks
Litvin Y, Bovkun A, Kuzyura A, Spivak A, Limanov E & Garanin V

(2013) Differentiation of the Mantle Ultrabasic-Basic Magmas and Diamond-Forming Carbonatite Melts on Experimental Evidence
Litvin Y

(2013) Rare Elements of Diamond-Forming Melt Chambers Formed in the Mantle Peridotite (Estimation with Use of Experimental K<sub>D</sub> at 7.0-8.5 GPa)
Kuzyura A & Litvin Y

(2013) Melting and Breakdown of MgCO3 at High Pressures
Solopova N, Spivak A, Litvin Y & Dubrovinsky L

(2013) Partitioning of Trace Elements between Na-Bearing Majoritic Garnet and Melt at 8.5 GPa and 1500‒1900℃
Bobrov A, Litvin Y, Kuzyura A, Dymshits A & Jeffries T

(2011) Experimental Study of Partition of Rare Elements between Minerals and Melts of Diamond Forming Eclogite-Carbonatite and Peridotite-Carbonatite Systems
Okoemova V, Vasiliev P, Kuzyura A, Litvin Y, Wall F & Jeffries T

(2011) Na-Bearing Majoritic Garnets in the System Mg3Al2Si5O12–Na2MgSi5O12 at 11−20 GPa: Solid Solutions and Structural Peculiarities
Bobrov A, Dymshits A, Bindi L, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Ohtani E & Litvin Y

(2011) Role of Hydrogen and Oxygen Fugacity in Incorporation of Nitrogen in Reduced Magmas of the Early Earth’s Mantle
Kadik A & Litvin Y

(2011) Origin and Evolution of Carbonatite Magma Parental for Diamond and Syngenetic Inclusions Therein
Litvin Y

(2011) Stability and Breakdown of Ca13CO3 Melt Combined with Formation of 13C -Diamond in Static Experiments up to 80 GPa and 4000 K
Spivak A, Litvin Y & Dubrovinsky LS

(2009) Mantle Carbonatite Magma in Diamond Genesis
Litvin Y, Bobrov A, Kuzyura A, Spivak A, Litvin V & Valentina B

(2008) Experimental Modeling of Chloride-Bearing Diamond-Related Liquids: A Review
Safonov O, Perchuk L, Litvin Y, Chertkova N & Butvina V

(2007) Magmatic Transport of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon Constituents from Reduced Planetary Interiors
Kadik A & Litvin Y

(2004) Solubility of H and C in Reduced Melts at fO2’s in Area of the Fe Alloy Stability
Kadik A & Litvin Y

(2003) Mantle Genesis of Diamond in Carbonate-Silicate-Carbon Melts of Variable Chemistry: Evidence from High-Pressure Experiments
Litvin Y

(2002) The Dissolution of Hydrogen and Carbon in the Reduced Silicate Melt
Kadik A, Pineau F, Litvin Y & Javoy M

(2002) Formation of Potassium-Bearing Clinopyroxene in Potassic Mantle-Derived Liquids
Safonov O, Perchuk L, Litvin Y & Matveev Y

(2000) Formation of Carbon and Hydrogen Species in Magmas at Low Oxygen Fugacity
Kadik A, Pineau F, Litvin Y, Jendrzejewski N, Martinez I & Javoy M

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