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All abstracts by Wen-Li Ling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Recognition of Neoproterozoic Carbonatite Intrusion in NW Yangtze Block and its Implications for Continental Evolution of South China
Ling W-L, Wu H & Berkana W

(2018) Pb Isotope Signature of the "Yangtze-Type" Pb-Zn Deposits and its Implications for Caledonia Movement in South China
Wu H & Ling W-L

(2018) Some 815 Ma High-Grade Metamorphic Event in NW Yangtze Block and its Implications for Neoproterozoic Unification of South China
Berkana W, Ling W-L & Wu H

(2016) Recognition of Early Neoproterozoic Alkaline Magmatic Event along the NW Yangtze Margin, South China
Wu H, Ling W-L, Ding X-Y, Wafa B & Zhang Y-H

(2016) Early Neoproterozoic Magmatic Event in the Continental Nucleus of South China and its Significance
Ling W-L, Wu H, Zhang Y-H, Wafa B & Bai X

(2015) Evolution of Archean Continental Crust in Nucleus of the Yangtze Block, South China Block
Qiu X-F, Ling W-L, Liu X-M, Lu S-S & Yang H-M

(2011) Recognition of the Archean High-Grade Terrain in the South Qinglin Orogen and its Conection with the South China Block Tectonics
Ling W-L, Lu S-S, Chen Z-W, Liu X & Duan R-C

(2011) Recycling Subcontinental Plagioclase-Rich Lower Crust in the North China Craton
Zhang J-B, Ling W-L, Liu Y, Gao S, Kusky T, Chen Z-W, Qiu XF & Chen M

(2011) Early Neoproterozoic Arc Magmatism along the Northwestern Margin of the Yangtze Craton and its Connection with the South China Block Evolution during the Rodinia Assembly
Berkana W, Ling W, Lu SS & Qiu XF

(2011) A New Recognition of Grenvillian Volcanic Suite in the South China Block and its Connection with Rodinia Assembly
Qiu XF, Ling W-L & Liu X

(2010) Proterozoic Crustal Evolution of Yangtze Craton Revealed by Detrital Zircons from Shenlongjia Area, South China
Liu X, Ling W & Gao S

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