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All abstracts by Hong-Fei Ling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Constructing a Neoproterozoic Seawater Strontium Isotope Curve
Zhou Y, Shields G, Manning C, Thirlwall M, Thurow J, Zhu M & Ling H

(2015) Mineralogical, Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on Multiple Sources of Metals in Highly Metalliferous Black Shales: An Overview
Jiang S-Y, Pi D-H, Yang J-H & Ling H-F

(2015) Marine Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Variations during the Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition of Yangtze Sea in South China
Wang D, Struck U & Ling H

(2015) Iodine Records of Local Surface Seawater Redox Conditions from Ediacaran to Early Cambrian in South Yangtze Basin, South China
Li D, Lu Z, Zhou X & Ling H

(2014) An Oceanic Oxidation Event Coincident with the Shuram Carbonate-Carbon Isotope Excursion
Hardisty D, Lu Z, Osburn M, Planavsky N, Jiang G, Zhou X, Ling H-F, Li D & Lyons T

(2013) Higher Oxygenation Level after Sturtian Glaciation Meltdown Despite Varying Local Redox in Nanhua Basin
Ling H-F, Chen X, Li D, Shields G, Vance D & Och L

(2011) Redox Evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Ocean on Yangtze Platform, China
Chen X, Vance D, Ling H, Archer C, Shields G & Och L

(2011) Origin of Hydrothermal Fluids of Uranium Deposits Hosted in Granite: Constraints from Oxygen Fugacity Conditions
Ling H-F

(2011) High-Resolution Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Record Through the Transition from OAE1a to ORB1 in the Mudurnu Section, Central Turkey
Zhao K-D, Jiang S-Y, Hu X-M, Yilmaz İÖ & Ling H-F

(2011) Late Cenozoic History of Deep Water Circulation in the Western North Pacific: Evidence from Nd Isotopes of Ferromangnese Crusts
Hu R, Chen T & Ling H

(2011) Transient Oxic Conditions Amid Ferruginous Deep Waters after the Cryogenian Sturtian Glaciation Evidenced from Fe-C-S Proxies
Li D, Ling H, Shields G, Och L & Poulton S

(2010) “Zircon Effect” Alone Insufficient to Generate Seawater Nd-Hf Isotope
Chen T-Y, Ling H-F, Zhao K-D & Jiang S-Y

(2010) Sequential Leaching Methods for Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy: Analysis of Marine Authigenic Carbonates and Phosphates
Li D, Shields G, Ling H-F & Thirlwall M

(2009) C and Sr Isotope Stratigraphy of the Ediacaran-Cambrian Xiaotan Section, Yangtze Platform, S. China
Li D, Ling H, Shields G & Chen X

(2009) Dust as Main Sources of Preanthropogenic Lead in Central Pacific Deep Water
Chen T-Y, Ling H-F & Jiang S-Y

(2009) δ15N Chemostratigraphy of Ediacaran-Cambrian Sections of South China
Cremonese L, Struck U, Shields G, Ling H, Guo Q & Och L

(2009) Geochemistry of the Lower Cambrian Black Shales in South China and their Palaeoenvironmental Significance
Yang JH, Jiang SY, Pi DH, Ling HF & Chen YQ

(2009) Redox-Sensitive Trace Metals during the Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event
Och L, Shields G, Ling H, Li D, Cremonese L, Thirlwall M, Manning C & Osborne T

(2009) Rise of Oxygen in Ediacaran Shallow Sea
Ling H-F, Chen X, Li D & Jiang S-Y

(2008) Transition Metal Isotope Variations in North Pacific Deep Water
Zhu XK, Li J, Tang SH & Ling HF

(2007) Fe Isotope Variations in North Pacific Deep Water over Last 80Ma
Zhu X, Li J, Tang S & Ling H

(2007) Geochemistry of Late Mesozoic Lamprophyre Dikes from the Eastern North China Craton: Implications for Subcontinental Lithosphere Evolution
Jiang Y-H, Jiang S-Y, Hou M-L, Ling H-F, Zhao K-D & Ni P

(2007) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(III) Hydrolysis in Cl- Medium at Low Temperatures
Li J, Zhu X, Tang S & Ling H

(2007) D13Ccarb and δ13Corg Excursions in the Post-Glacial Sinian to Early Cambrian Interval in Guizhou, South China
Feng H, Ling H & Peng J

(2007) New Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of an Old Section in Southwest China: Implications for Placement of PC-C Boundary on Yangtze Platform
Li D, Ling H-F, Chen Y-Q, Pan J-Y, Jiang S-Y & Feng H-Z

(2007) C- and S-Isotope Study on Depositional Environment of Late Cryogenian Mn Carbonate, Datangpo Fm., South China
Chen X, Li D & Ling H-F

(2006) Carbon Isotope Variations through Neoproterozoic Doushantuo and Dengying Formations, South China: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Change
Ling H-F, Feng HZ, Pan J-Y, Jiang S-Y, Chen Y-Q & Chen X

(2006) Re-Os dating of the Lower Cambrian black shales in Guizhou province of South China
Yang J-H, Jiang S-Y, Ling H-F, Chen Y-Q & Pu W

(2006) Neodymium isotope compositions of the Turonian carbonates in central Italy: Implications for paleocurrents of Tethyan deep waters
Zhao K-D, Jiang S-Y, Hu X-M & Ling H-F

(2006) Origin of iron deposits in the Ningwu volcanic basin, Lower Yangtze River district, China: geochemical and isotopic evidence
Jiang S-Y, Ma F, Zhao K-D, Jiang Y-H, Ling H-F & Ni P

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