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All abstracts by Matthew B.J. Lindsay in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Trace Elements Role during AMD Precipitates Ageing: Natural and Artificial Processes
Cruz-Hernández P, Pérez-López R, Parviainen A, Lindsay MBJ, Carrero S, Fernández-Martínez A & Nieto JM

(2017) Sub-Nanoscale Characterization by XANES of Vanadium Speciation in Oil Sands Fluid Petroleum Coke
Chen N, Nesbitt J & Lindsay M

(2015) Interpretation of Zn Isotope Ratio Measurments in a Complex Geochemical System
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Matthies R, Harish V, Kong L, Eagling J & Ptacek C

(2015) Behavior of Trace Elements during Aging of Acid Drainage Precipitates
Cruz-Hernández P, Parviainen A, Pérez-López R, Lindsay MBJ & Nieto JM

(2015) Geochemicial Characteristics of Petroleum Coke Deposits at an Oil Sands Mine, Alberta, Canada
Nesbitt J & Lindsay M

(2014) Bacteria-Mineral Interactions at Sulfide Surfaces in Carbonate- Bearing Waste Rock
Dockrey J, Lindsay M, Mayer U, Beckie R, Norlund K, Warren L & Southam G

(2014) Zinc Isotope Partitioning in Organic Substrate-Amended Mine Tailings
Matthies R, Blowes D, Lindsay M & Ptacek C

(2012) Mineralogical and Geochemical Processes Occurring in Sulfide-Rich Tailings after 60 Years of Subaqueous Storage
Moncur M, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Lindsay M & Jambor J

(2012) Application of X-Ray Spectroscopy to Characterize Metal(loid) Removal in Passive Treatment Systems
Gibson B, Lindsay M, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2012) Biogeochemistry of Permeable Reactive Barriers for Arsenic and Selenium Remediation
Lindsay M, Blowes D & Ptacek C

(2012) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Reduction of Cr(VI) Under Saturated Flow Conditions
Jamieson-Hanes J, Gibson B, Lindsay M, Kim Y, Ptacek C & Blowes D

(2011) Mechanisms Controlling the Release, Transport and Attenuation of Mercury in Riverine Sediments
Ptacek C, Desrochers K, Gibson B, Liu P, Wang O, Tordiff J, Daugherty S, Blowes K, Van de Valk J, Lindsay M & Blowes D

(2011) Amendment of Mill Tailings for in situ Treatment of Mine Drainage
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Hulshof A, Ptacek C & Gould D

(2008) Vadose Zone Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Sulfide-Rich Tailings at the Greens Creek Mine, Alaska, USA
Lindsay M, Condon P, Lear K, Blowes D & Ptacek C

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