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All abstracts by Zheng-Xiang Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Pitfalls in Using the Geochronological Information from the EarthChem Portal for Precambrian Time-Series Analysis
Doucet L, Gamaleldien H & Li Z-X

(2021) Spatio–temporal Evolution of Mesoproterozoic Magmatism in NE Australia: A Revised Tectonic Model for Final Nuna Assembly
Volante S, Collins W, Barrote V, Nordsvan A, Li Z-X, Pourteau A & Beams S

(2020) A Rapid Change in Earth’s Mantle Geochemistry at 3.2 Billion Years ago Points to an Early Start of Plate Tectonics
Gamal El Dien H, Doucet L-S, Murphy JB & Li Z-X

(2020) Middle Cambrian Granites in the Dunhuang Block NW China Mark the Southernmost Subduction in the Central Asian Orogen
Gan B, Li Z, Song Z & Li J

(2020) Trial by Fire: Testing the Paleolongitude of Pangea of Competing Reference Frames with the African LLSVP
Mitchell R, Wu L, Murphy JB & Li Z-X

(2019) Mesozoic–Cenozoic Thermal Evolution of SE China in Response to Flat-Slab Subduction at the proto-Western Pacific Margin
Tao N, Li Z-X, Danisik M & Evans N

(2019) Ediacaran Magmatism in the Evolution of the Transform Active Continental Margin of the Siberian Craton: Geochemistry, Geochronology and Geodynamics
Vernikovskaya A, Vernikovsky V, Matushkin N, Kadil'nikov P, Li Z-X, Wilde S, Romanova I & Travin A

(2019) The Oceanic Mantle Plume Database and the Tale of Two Superplumes
Doucet L, Li Z-X, Ernst R, Kirsher U & Mitchell R

(2019) TTG Formation: Water-Present Melting as an Alternative to High-Pressure Melting
Pourteau A, Blereau ER, Doucet LS, Volante S, Johnson TE, Collins WJ & Li Z-X

(2018) Did Earth’s First Supercontinent Form the Inner Core?
Mitchell R, Cox G, O'Rourke J, Li Z-X, Spencer C, Kirscher U, Zhang N, Murphy JB, Nordsvan A & Asimow P

(2018) Multi-Method Geochronological Insights into the Tectonics of Final Nuna Suturing, NE Australia
Pourteau A, Norsdvan AR, Volante S, Li J, Smit M, Li Z-X & Collins WJ

(2017) Harmonic Hierarchy of Mantle Convective Cycles: Time Series Analysis of Hafnium Isotopes of Zircon
Mitchell R, Collins W, Kirscher U, Spencer C, He X-F, Li Z-X & Murphy B

(2016) In situ SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of Mafic Dykes in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia and Bunger Hills, East Antarctica
Stark JC, Wang X-C, Li Z-X, Rasmussen B, Zi J-W, Clark C & Hand M

(2011) Complex Tectonic-Thermal History of the Red River Shear Zone: Evidence on Zircon SHRIMP and LA-ICP-MS Dating of the Yaoshan Group, SE Yunnan, China
Liu Y-P, Li Z-X, Liao Z, Ye L, Pi D & Li C-Y

(2009) Nature of Mantle Lithological Heterogenity and its Role in Generation of ca. 825Ma Komatiitic Basalts, South China
Wang X, Li X, Li J, Li Z & Li W

(2009) Ca. 780 Ma A-Type Granites in South China: Implications for the Breakup of Supercontinent Rodinia
Wang Q, Wyman D, Li Z-X, Zhao Z-H & Bao Z

(2008) 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating, EBSD & EMP Analysis of 1040-940 Ma Metamorphic/Deformation/Cooling Events Recorded in Sibao Orogen White Micas, South China
Wartho J-A, Li Z-X, Occhipinti S & Reddy S

(2007) Ca. 850 Ma Intraplate Magmatism in South China: Implications for Onset of the Breakup of Rodinia
Li X-H, Li W-X & Li Z-X

(2007) Rodinia Mantle Plume: New Evidence from the ~825Ma Komatiitic Basalts in South China
Wang X, Li X, Li W & Li Z

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