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All abstracts by Aivo Lepland in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Coupled Change in Ocean CO2 Chemistry and Global Climate in the Palaeozoic
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Burke A, Bergmann K, Evans D, Finnegan S, Gray WR, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2023) Millimolar Concentrations of Bioavailable Ammonium in Hydrothermal Fluids: Evidence from Altered Basalts in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Stüeken EE, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Prave T

(2023) The Effects of Secondary Alteration on Precambrian Sedimentary Records Deserve Attention
Paiste K, Fike DA, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Prave T

(2022) Characterizing Intramolecular Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Structures of Higher N-Alkanes by GC-Orbitrap
Dong G, McCollom T, Lepland A, French K, Birdwell JE, Ferreira AA, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2022) Re-examining Deep Time Sulfur Isotope Records from a Micro-Scale Perspective
Paiste K, Bakakas Mayika K, Fike DA, Kirsimäe K, Moussavou M, Wood RS, Richardson JA, Prave T & Lepland A

(2022) Fluctuations in Ocean pH Across the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Bergmann K, Finnegan S, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2022) Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Arctic Regions: A Multi-Parameter Approach
Saghravani SR, Borecka M, Böttcher ME, Diak M, Hong W-L, Knies JM, Kotwicki L, Kuliński K, Lepland A, Makuch P, Koziorowska-Makuch K, Sen A, Ehlert von Ahn CM, Winogradow A & Szymczycha B

(2021) Protracted Oxygenation in the Paleoproterozoic did not Result in Proliferation of Mitochondrial Organisms
Mänd K, Planavsky NJ, Porter S, Robbins LJ, Wang C, Kreistmann T, Paiste K, Paiste P, Deines Y, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Konhauser K

(2021) Pulses of Ocean Acidification at the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Recorded by Boron Isotopes
Trudgill M, Rae JWB, Crumpton-Banks J, van Mourik M, Adloff M, Burke A, Corsetti F, Doherty D, Greenop R, Hong W-L, Lepland A, McIntyre A, Neiroukh N, Rose C, Ruhl M, Saunders D, Stüeken EE, West J, Whiteford R & Greene SE

(2021) The Grandest of Them All: The Lomagundi-Jatuli Event and the Carbon Cycle
Prave T, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A, Fallick T, Kreistmann T, Deines Y, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Medvedev P, Moussavou M & Bakakas Mayika K

(2021) Rethinking the Sulfur Isotope Record of the Paleoproterozoic Francevillian Succession of Gabon
Paiste K, Bakakas Mayika K, Fike DA, Kirsimäe K, Crémière A, Juhkama H-R, Wood RS, Moussavou M, Prave T & Lepland A

(2021) S Zonation in Aragonite and Microscale δ34S Heterogeneities in Barite & Pyrite Record the Geochemical Evolution of Cold Seep Environments
Wood RS, Lepland A, Richardson J & Fike DA

(2020) Two Distinct Nitrogen Sources for Microbial Activities in the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation
Ishida A, Sasaki K, Hashizume K, Kakegawa T & Lepland A

(2020) The Great Oxidation Event Preceded a Paleoproterozoic ‘snowball Earth’
Warke M, Di Rocco T, Zerkle A, Lepland A, Prave A, Martin A, Ueno Y & Claire M

(2020) Phosphorite Deposition and Earth System Oxygenation in the Paleoproterozoic Era
Kipp M, Lepland A & Buick R

(2020) Heaviest Precambrian Shale U Isotopes to Date: Oxygenation in the ~2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation, Russia
Mänd K, Lalonde S, Robbins J, Thoby M, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Paiste P, Reinhard C, Romashkin A, Planavsky N, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Konhauser K

(2020) Lomagundi-Jatuli Carbon Isotope Excursion – Isotopic Shift Happens
Lepland A, Bakakas K, Moussavou M, Kreitsmann T, Paiste K, Mänd K, Deines Y, Romashkin A, Prave A & Kirsimäe K

(2020) Closed-System Oxygen Isotope Exchange in a Paleoproterozoic Evaporite Sequence
Ma H, Peng Y, Motlep R, Kirsimae K, Romashkin A, Lepland A & Bao H

(2019) Lead Isotopes Inform on Crude Oil Migration Processes
Fetter N, Blichert-Toft J, Ludden J, Lepland A, Sanchez Borque J, Greenhalgh E, Garcia B, Edwards D, Telouk P & Albarede F

(2019) Measurements of Oxygen Flanking the GOE
Blamey N, Brand U, Lecuyer C, Parnell J, Heizler M, Lepland A, Nic B & Betus S

(2019) A Biogeochemical Curiosity in Sediments of an Active Pockmark (Vestnesa Ridge, Svalbard)
Sauer S, Knies J, Lepland A, Yao H, Klasek S, Hong WL, Eichinger F, Klug M, Panieri G, Himmler T, Steen IH, Dahle H, Vulcano F & Schubert CJ

(2018) Two-Billion-Year-Old-Evaporites Capture Earth’s Great Oxidation
Blättler C, Claire M, Prave A, Kirsimäe K, Higgins J, Medvedev P, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Zerkle A, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Millar I, Hayles J, Bao H, Turchyn A, Warke M & Lepland A

(2018) Boron Isotopes and Trace Element Composition in Authigenic Carbonates: Challenges in Mineral Phase Separation
Hong W-L, Rae JWB, Cremiere A & Lepland A

(2018) Clumped and Stable Isotope Characterization of Methane Seep Environments
Thiagarajan N, Cremiere A, Blattler C, Higgins J, Lepland A & Eiler J

(2017) Reconstruction of Past Seepage on Vestnesa Ridge off W’Svalbard Using Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonate U-Th Geochronology
Himmler T, Sahy D, Hong W-L, Bohrmann G, Buenz S, Condon D & Lepland A

(2017) Fracture-Induced Fluid Migration in an Arctic Deep Water Pockmark: Porewater Geochemistry from the MEBO Drilling (MSM57) in Vestnesa Ridge (Svalbard)
Hong W-L, Schmidt C, Yao H, Wallmann K, Rae J, Lepland A, Torres M, Plaza-Faverola A, Latour P, Bunz S & Bohrmann G

(2017) Isotope Characteristics of Primary and Secondary Carbonates in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Fm, NW Russia
Kreitsmann T, Paiste P, Külaviir M, Sepp H, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2017) High Paleoproterozoic Seawater Sulfate Recorded in Earth's Oldest Known Large Evaporite Basin
Lepland A, Prave A & Kirsimäe K

(2017) Multiple S Isotopes Record Environmental Changes in the 2 Ga Zaonega Fm
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle AL, Wing BA, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K, Bui TH & Panieri G

(2017) Tracing Formation Conditions of Paleoproterozoic P-Rich Deposits be Rare Earth Elements, Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Alfimova N & Lepland A

(2017) Clumped Isotope Characterization of Authigenic Carbonates and Methane in Cold Seep Environments
Thiagarajan N, Cremiere A, Lepland A, Brunstad H & Eiler J

(2016) Boron Isotope Composition of Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonates: Tracer for Fluid Sources
Crémière A, Rae J, Lepland A, Millar I, Bau M, di Primio R & Brunstad H

(2016) Metal Enrichments in Paleoproterozoic Black Shales: Global or Regional Controls?
Lepland A

(2016) Chemical Weathering Indicators at Archean–Proterozoic Transition in the Petchenga, Imandra-Varzuga Greenstone Belts and Onega Basin
Soomer S, Lepland A, Somelar P & Kirsimäe K

(2016) Environmental Settings of Apatite Precipitation in the Paleoproterozoic Pilgujärvi Sedimentary Formation
Kreitsmann T, Joosu L, Lepland A, Krupenik VA, Üpraus K, Paiste P & Kirsimäe K

(2016) Origin of Isotopically Heavy Pyrite (δ34S>20‰) in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Formation
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle A, Patel N, McLean F, Wing B, Bui TH, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K & Panieri G

(2015) Paleoproterozoic Organic Carbon Burial Events and δ13Corg Excursions: Global or Regional Controls?
Lepland A, Martin A, Prave A & Eichinger F

(2015) Hydrocarbon Seeps on the Northern Norwegian Shelf: Clues from Geochemical Investigations
Sauer S, Knies J, Lepland A, Chand S, Eichinger F, Crémière A & Schubert CJ

(2015) Sulfur Isotope Records of Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Cold Seep Carbonates
Cremiere A, Wing BA, Bui TH, Prince J & Lepland A

(2015) Origin of 2.0 Ga Phosphorites and Associated Carbon and Sulphur Isotope Anomalies, Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle A, Oduro H, Patel N, McLean F, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K, Wing B, Bui TH, Martma T, Romashkin A & Rychanchik D

(2015) Apatitic Micronodules in Namibian Shelf Sediments: Mineralized Microbes or Diagenetic Precipitates?
Mänd K, Bailey J, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2014) Fossilization by Phosphatization 2 Billion Years ago
Lepland A, Joosu L & Kirsimäe K

(2013) Microbially Mediated Phosphogenesis 2 Ga ago
Joosu L, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2013) Carbonates of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation: REE and Sr Isotopic Indications of their Origin
Crne AE, Lepland A, Kamber BS, Melezhik VA, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Brasier AT & Condon DJ

(2013) Dating the Collapse of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet Using CH4-Derived Carbonate Crusts from the Barents Sea
Lepland A, Chand S, Sahy D, Noble SR, Condon DJ, Martma T, Pedersen JH, Sauer S, Brunstad H & Thorsnes T

(2013) Geochemical and Acoustic Investigations of Hydrocarbon Seepage on the Continental Shelf off Northern Norway
Sauer S, Knies J, Schubert C, Lepland A & Chand S

(2013) U-Th Systematics and Chronology of of CH4-derived CaCO3 Crusts of the Barents Sea
Sahy D, Lepland A, Noble S, Condon D & Brunstad H

(2013) Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Signature in Spherule Beds of the 3.4-3.2 Ga Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
van Zuilen M, Philippot P, Whitehouse M & Lepland A

(2012) Negative C-Isotope Excursion in Carbonates during 2.0 Ga Shunga Event
Crne AE, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE, Prave AR & Brasier AT

(2011) Freeze-Fry Cycles in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Van Kranendonk M, Lepland A & Yamaguchi K

(2011) Origin of Isotopically Heavy Fe in Pyrite from 2.75 Ga Wilgie Mia BIF, Western Australia
Lepland A, Van Kranendonk MJ & Whitehouse MJ

(2011) Long Residence (> 6 Ma) Time of Paleoproterozoic Seawater Sulfate Revealed by in situ and ex situ Sulfur Isotope Measurements
Reuschel M, Whitehouse MJ, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE & Strauss H

(2011) A Record of Paleoproterozoic Sulfur Cycling from ~2 Ga Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Meister D, Melezhik VA, Lepland A & Strauss H

(2011) Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Heterogeneous Carbonaceous Matter in the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Fm, Karelia, Russia
Qu Y, van Zuilen M & Lepland A

(2011) Nanoscale Structural Variation in Pyrobitumen of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation, Karelia, Russia
van Zuilen M, Fliegel D, Wirth R, Lepland A, Qu Y, Schreiber A, Romashkin A & Philippot P

(2010) Sulfate Standards for in situ High Spatial Resolution SIMS Measurements
Reuschel M, Whitehouse MJ, Lepland A, Melezhik VM & Strauss H

(2009) Sources and Properties of Carbon in Earth's Oldest Rocks
Arrhenius G, Daraio C, Misra A, Rudee L, Perez S, Lepland A & van Zuilen M

(2009) Raman Spectroscopic Characteristics of Carbonaceous Material in Archean Rocks; Implications for Early Life Studies
van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Philippot P

(2009) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Measurements from the 2.4 Ga Old Seidorechka Formation
Reuschel M, Strauss H, Lepland A, Melezhik V, Cartigny P & Kaufman AJ

(2004) Do Early Archean Isua and Akilia Rocks Contain Traces of Life?
Lepland A, Whitehouse M, Layne G, Van zuilen M & Arrhenius G

(2004) Carbonaceous Matter in Early Archean Rocks; How to Recognize a Biosignature
Van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G

(2002) Search for an Extraterrestrial Impact Record in Isua Sediments
Arrhenius G, Lepland A & Asaro F

(2002) Graphite and its Isotopic Composition as a Biomarker in Highly Metamorphosed Early Archean Rocks
van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G

(2002) Origin and Biologic Significance of Graphite and Apatite in Early Archean Supracrustal Rocks from Isua Belt and Akilia Association
Lepland A, van Zuilen M & Arrhenius G

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