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All abstracts by Guillaume Le Hir in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Simulating Neoproterozoic Climate and Redox Evolution from First Principles Using a Climate-Chemical Model
Mills BJW, Merdith A, Le Hir G, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2022) New Constraints on Early Paleozoic Carbon Cycle Balance and Climate Change from Modelling
Markussen Marcilly C, Maffre P, Le Hir G, Pohl A, Fluteau F, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Hatlen Heimdal T & Torsvik TH

(2019) Simulating the Combined Response of Climate, Carbon Cycle and Marine Biodiversity Through a LIP Degassing
Hennequin S, Goddéris Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F & Brayard A

(2018) Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps
Hennequin S, Godderis Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F, Brayard A, Donnadieu Y, Maffre P & Nardin E

(2015) Direct Evidence for Significant Oxygen in the Late Archean Atmosphere from Paleosols of the Fortescue Group, Western Australia
Teitler Y, Philippot P, Gerard M, Le Hir G, Fluteau F & Ader M

(2014) Archaean pCO2 Reconstructed with a 3D Climate-Carbon Model
Le Hir G, Teitler Y, Fluteau F, Donnadieu Y & Philippot P

(2013) Isotopic and Mineralogical Evidence for Atmospheric Oxygenation in 2.76 Ga Old Paleosols
Philippot P, Teitler Y, Gérard M, Cartigny P, Muller E, Assayag N, Le Hir G & Fluteau F

(2013) Early Eocene Climatic Optimum: Numerical Modelling of the Impact of the Neo-Tethys Closure
Bomou B, Hoareau G, Donnadieu Y, Le Hir G & Marquer D

(2013) A Phanerozoic CO2 History Driven by Tectonics
Donnadieu Y, Godderis Y, le hir G, Lefebvre V & Nardin E

(2013) Coupled Climate-Geochemical Modeling of the Connections between Break-Up of Rodinia, Weathering of Continental Flood Basalts, Snowball Glaciations and the Strontium Cycle
Hubert-Théou L, Cox GC, Le Hir G, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Halverson GP, Poirier A & Nelson L

(2011) The Assumption of a Low pCO2 during the Archean Investigated with a 3D Climate Model
Le Hir G, Teitler Y, Fluteau F, Donnadieu Y & Philippot P

(2011) Ubiquitous Subaerial Weathering during Emersion of the Fortescue Late Archean Igneous Province, Western Australia
Teitler Y, Philippot P, Gerard M, Fluteau F & Le Hir G

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