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All abstracts by William P. Leeman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of Deep Arc Cumulates: Implications for Redox Conditions and Metal Mobility in Subduction Zones
Lee C-T, Yang W, Ingram L, Chin E, Yu X, DePaolo D & Leeman W

(2009) Quantifying the Roles of Igneous Differentiation and Chemical Weathering on the Formation of Continental Crust
Lee C-T, Shen B, Jacobsen B, Yin Q-Z, Morton D, Horodyskyj U, Little M & Leeman W

(2009) Boron Isotope Systematics in Central America Volcanoes
Tonarini S, Leeman WP & Agostini S

(2008) Taking the Temperature of Rhyolites from the Yellowstone Hotspot Track: Evaluation of the Ti-in-Quartz Method
Leeman W & Lee C-T

(2008) Complex Crustal Assembly of ‘Mt. Shasta’ High-Mg Andesite (HMA): Evidence from Mineral Componentry
Streck M & Leeman W

(2006) Fluid mobile element budget in the “in-situ” serpentinized harzburgites from the Feather River Ophiolite.
Agranier A, Li Z, Lee C-T & Leeman W

(2006) Boron and oxygen isotopic evidence for recycling of subducted components through the Earth’s mantle since 2.5 Ga
Turner S, Tonarini S, Bindeman I, Leeman W & Schaefer B

(2005) Lithospheric vs. Asthenospheric Contributions to Basaltic Magmatism in the Snake River Plain – Yellowstone (SRPY) Hot-Spot Track
Leeman W

(2005) Overview of Silicic Volcanism of the Snake River Plain – Yellowstone (SRPY) Province
Leeman W & Bonnichsen B

(2005) Adakitic Signatures in Andean Water-Rich Magmas at Nevado de Longaví
Rodriguez C, Selles D, Dungan M, Leeman W & Langmuir C

(2005) Similar V/Sc Systematics in MORBs and Arc Basalts: Implications for the Oxygen Fugacities of their Mantle Source Regions
Lee C, Leeman W, Canil D & Li Z

(2005) Partial Assimilative Recycling of the Plutonic Roots of a Continental Arc
Dungan M, Leeman W, Goldstein S, Langmuir C, Davidson J & Piatrowski A

(2005) B and delta<+>11<$>B in Aleutian Island Arc Basalt Track Slab and Sediment Fluid Addition to the Mantle Wedge
Singer B, Leeman W, Thirlwall M, Tonarini S, Jicha B & Rogers N

(2004) Boron Isotope Systematics in South Sandwich Island Arc
Tonarini S, Leeman W & Leat P

(2002) B and Sr Isotope Variations Induced by (Hydro-)thermal Effects on Pelites
Dini A, Tonarini S & Leeman WP

(2002) Boron Isotope Systematics in South Italy Volcanoes
Tonarini S, Civetta L, D'Antonio M, D'Orazio M, Innocenti F & Leeman W

(2002) Geochemical Tracers of Slab Contributions to Arc Magmas: The Use of Boron
Leeman W & Tonarini S

(2002) Comparative Thermal Models for Subduction Zones: Evaluation of Slab Contributions to Volcanic Arc Magmas
Leeman W, Huang S & Tonarini S

(2001) Partitioning of Transition Metals and Platinum Group Elements (Ni, Cr, Ru and Rh) between Spinel-Structured Oxides and Silicate Melts
Righter K, Hervig RL & Leeman WP

(2000) B/Nb and *11B Systematics in the Phlegrean Volcanic District (PVD) and Aeolian Islands (Relationship between Calc-Alkaline and Potassic Orogenic Magmatism in Southern Italy)
Tonarini S, Civetta L, D'Antonio M, Ferrara G, Leeman WP & Necco A

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