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All abstracts by Sanghoon Lee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Noble Gas Push-Drift-Pull Test Considering Natural Degassing for Site Characterization in CCS Field
Cho I-R, Ju Y, Kaown D, Ha S-W, Lee S, Park I-W, Lee S-S & Lee K-K

(2018) Dissolved Iron in the Amundsen Sea
Middag R, Bertrand E, Brussaard C, Eich C, Gerringa L, Jung J, Lee S, Lee Y, van Manen M, McCain S, Pont S, Reichart G-J & Tian H-A

(2015) Geochemical Controls on Dispersion and Migration of Fluoride in Soil and Soil Solution via Accidental Leakage
Lee S, Kwon E, Kim D, Lee J, Lee HA & Yoon H-O

(2015) Effect of Soil Properties on Fluorine Desorption Behavior in Soil Using Various Leaching Tests
Lee J, Kim D, Kwon E, Lee HA, Lee S & Yoon H-O

(2013) Biogeochemical Control on the Dissolution/Precipiation of Fine Suspended Solids from Mine Drainage
Lee S, Oh M, Lee J & Kim D

(2008) Microbial and Organic Controls on the Reductive Dissolution of Heavy Metals from Soil
Lee S, Ayyasamy P & Chun S

(2007) Metal Reduction and Formation of Nanometer-Sized Magnetites by Facultative Iron-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Inter-Tidal Flat Sediments
Kim Y, Roh Y, Oh J, Park B, Jang H, Suh Y & Lee S

(2007) Influence of Organics on Microbial Reductive Dissolution of Synthetic Fe-Cr Oxides
Lee S, Lee S, Chun S, Ji S & Lee S

(2002) Geochemistry of the Porewater in the Soils Near Mine Tailing Disposal Site
Lee S & Chung J

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