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All abstracts by Martin Lee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Development of a Fine-Grained Sediment Un-Mixing Tool for 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Multi-Age Component Samples
Carter J, Mark D & Lee M

(2017) A Refined Age for the Gow Lake Impact Structure Using 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Pickersgill A, Mark D, Lee M & Osinski G

(2017) Taking the Pulse of Mars via 40Ar/39Ar Dating of a Plume-Fed Volcano
Cohen B, Mark D, Cassata W, Lee M, Tomkinson T & Smith C

(2017) Identifying the Host(s) of Martian Water in the Nakhlite Meteorites
Lee M, Mark D & Coehn B

(2015) Simulating Atmospheric Loss and Carbonate Formation on Early Mars Using Hydrothermal Experiments
Macartney A, Harkness P, Mark D & Lee M

(2014) Instrumentation Development for Planetary in situ 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Morgan L, Davidheiser-Kroll B, Munk M, van Bibber K, Harkness P, Lee M, Wright I, Gupta S & Mark D

(2012) Nanoparticle Remediation Through Porous Media
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2011) Nanoparticle Bioremediation: Application of Solid Phase Capture
Skuce R, Tobler D, Lee M & Phoenix V

(2007) Revealing the Composition and Crystallinity of Weathered Alkali Feldspar Surfaces by XPS, FIB and TEM Techniques
Lee M, Brown D & Hodson M

(2002) Where is Geochronology Going? Insights into Intracrystalline Reactions from Alkali Feldspars
M. Lee M, Cayzer N & Parsons I

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