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All abstracts by Giehyeon Lee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Potential Effects of Soil Moisture Content on CO2 Triggered Physicochemical Properties of a Shallow Soil
Derakhshan-Nejad Z, Yun S-T & Lee G

(2018) Preliminary Results of Sorption Behaviors of Mn(II) on the Surface of Naturally Common Oxides
Lee J, Namgung S & Lee G

(2017) Effects of CO2(g)-soil-Water Interactions on the Leaching Behaviors of Major Metals at the Atmospheric PCO2(g) of 1 Bar
Jeon S, Namgung S, Han WS, Ryu J-S, Yun S-T & Lee G

(2017) Carbonate Mineralization Using Ca(OH)2 Suspensions for CO2(g) Capture and Storage (CCS) at Room Temperature
Choi G, Choi J & Lee G

(2016) Potential Impact of CO2 Leakage on Soil in the Unsaturated Zone: A Pilot Scale Field Experiment at the EIT Site, Republic of Korea
Jeon S, Namgung S, Son H, Yoo GY, Son YW, Chung H & Lee G

(2016) Carbonate Mineralization of CO2(g) Using Ca(OH)2 Suspensions at the Ambient Conditions
Choi G, Jang H, Choi J & Lee G

(2016) Effects of Dissolved Oxygen on the Interaction between Cr(OH)3(s) and Birnessite
Namgung S & Lee G

(2015) Abiotic Geochemical Processes Forming Diverse Mn Oxides Through Various Redox Reactions
Namgung S & Lee G

(2013) Geochemical Processes of Soil and Groundwater Contamination by Cr(VI) from Natural Sources
Lee G, Namgung S & Lee Y

(2012) Cyanide Sorption on Granular Activated Carbon and Its Attenuation by UV-Light
Lee YJ, Park S-O, Lee HE, Kim YJ, Lee G, Sung YH & Park CO

(2011) Cr(OH)3(s) Oxidation by Birnessite Under Common Groundwater pH Conditions
Lee Y & Lee G

(2011) Cr(OH)3(s) Oxidation Coupled with Heterogeneous Mn(II) Oxidation
Namgung S & Lee G

(2009) Manganese Solid Produced during Arsenite Oxidation by Permanganate
Song K, Bae J & Lee G

(2009) Preliminary Results for the Interactions between Two Sparingly Soluble Solid Phases in Cr(OH)3(s) and Birnessite Suspension
Lee Y-J, Manh PN, Min B & Lee G

(2008) Effects of pH on the Release of Cr(VI) from Sparingly Soluble Cr(OH)3(s) by MnO2(s) Under Circumneutral Conditions
Min B & Lee G

(2008) Efficiency of Permanganate for Arsenite Oxidation
Song K-S, Lee G & Eum C-H

(2008) Preliminary Results of Cr(VI) Reduction by Zero-Valent Magnesium (ZVM) Powder
Park J & Lee G

(2007) Sequential Oxidation of Arsenite by Both Permanganate and the Reaction Byproduct
Song K, Lee G, Kim S & Eum C

(2007) Oxidative Dissolution of Cr(OH)3(s) by Manganese Oxides Under Circumneutral Conditions
Min B, Park J, Lee G & Lee S

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