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All abstracts by Johnathan R. Leake in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Role of Forest Trees and their Mycorrhizal Fungi in Carbonate Weathering and Phosphorus Biogeochemical Cycling
Thorley R, Beerling D, Leake J & Banwart S

(2014) Evolutionary Advances in Land Plants and Fungal Symbioses: Effects on Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Leake J, Quirk J, Thorley R, Morris J, Stein W, Berry C, Marshall J, Mannolini F, Banwart S & Beerling D

(2014) Evolutionary Advances in Tree-Fungal Partnerships Accelerate Carbonate Mineral Weathering
Thorley R, Leake J, Banwart S & Beerling D

(2013) Atmospheric CO2 Starvation of Trees Arrests Mycorrhizal-Driven Silicate Weathering
Beerling D, Quirk J, Taylor L, Banwart S & Leake J

(2012) Numerical Modelling of Nano-Scale Mineral Dissolution and Simulation of Mycelial Growth Dynamics to Couple Observations of Mycorrhizal Weathering at Single-Hypha and Whole-Plant Scales
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Leake J, Taylor L & Banwart S

(2012) Laboratory Mesocosm Experiments to Quantify Effects of Elevated CO2, Plant Evolution, and Mycorrhizal Status on Carbon Flux and Weathering
Andrews M, Leake J, Kakonyi G, Romero-Gonzalez M, Banwart S & Beerling D

(2011) Integrating Multi-Scale Experiments and Modeling to Couple Biotic Weathering at Nano and Global Scales
Bridge J, Taylor L, Banwart S, Leake J, Beerling D, McMaster T & Benning L

(2011) Mycorrhizal Weathering Through Space and Time: Implications for the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Taylor L, Banwart S, Leake J & Beerling D

(2011) Insight into Effects of Elevated CO2 and Soil Nutrient Levels on Biological Weathering at the Mesocosm Scale
Andrews MY, Leake JR, Banwart SA & Beerling DJ

(2011) Biochemical Characterization of Single Weathering Hyphae of Paxillus involutus Using CLSM and Synchrotron Based µFTIR
Schmalenberger A, Bray A, Duran A, Leake J, Banwart S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Filik J, Pijanka J, Bonneville S, Benning L & Romero-Gonzalez M

(2011) Nutrient Uptake at the Fungi-Mineral Interface
Mankasingh U, Gazze SA, Saccone L, Duran AL, Leake JR & Ragnarsdottir KV

(2010) Constraining Global-Scale Weathering Models Through Nano-Scale Ectomycorrhiza-Mineral Interactions
Bridge J, Bonneville S, Saccone L, Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Andrews M, Hardy K, Taylor L, Beerling D, Benning L, Leake J, McMaster T & Banwart S

(2010) Mesocosm-Scale Experimental Quantification of Plant Root-Fungal Associations on Carbon Fluxes and Mineral Weathering
Andrews M, Palmer B, Leake J, Banwart S & Beerling D

(2010) Oxalic Acid Release in Ectomycorrhiza Mineral Weathering
Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Romero-Gonzalez M, Leake J & Banwart S

(2010) Co-evolution of Land Plants and Mycorrhizal Fungi as Biotic Feedbacks on the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Beerling D, Andrews M, Quirk J, Palmer B, Banwart S & Leake J

(2009) Effects of Mineral Type and Grain Size on EM Fungal-Mineral Interactions
Duran A & Leake J

(2009) Paxillus involutus Hyphae: Imaging their Structure and Interaction with Mineral Surfaces Using AFM
Saccone L, Gazze SA, Ragnarsdottir KV, Leake JR, Duran AL, Hallam KR & McMaster TJ

(2009) Modelling the Impact of Biota and Increasing Atmospheric CO2 on Silicate Mineral Weathering Processes
Banwart S, Taylor L, Leake J & Beerling D

(2009) Hydroxyapatite Weathering by Pine Mycorrhizas – The Role of Oxalic Acid
Leake J, Duran A, Johnson I, Bonneville S & Smits M

(2009) Mineralogy Controls Oxalic Acid Release in Mycorrhiza Weathering
Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Leake J, Romero-Gonzales M & Banwart S

(2009) Quantifying Chemical Weathering at the Biotite-Mycorrhiza Interface
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Brown A, Smits M, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Leake J, Banwart S, Brydson R & Benning L

(2009) Nanoscale Imaging of Ectomycorrhizal Weathering Processes on Minerals
Gazze SA, Ragnarsdottir KV, Banwart S, Leake J & McMaster T

(2009) Arbuscular Mycorrhiza: Mineral-Specific Fungal Interactions
Quirk J, Leake JR & Beerling DJ

(2009) Mycorrhizal Evolution, Biological Weathering and the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Taylor LL, Leake JR, Quirk J, Hardy K, Banwart SA & Beerling DJ

(2007) Biologically-Mediated Weathering of Minerals from Nanometre Scale to Environmental Systems
Brown D, Banwart S, Smits M, Leake J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Haward S & Ragnarsdottir V

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