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All abstracts by Marina Lazarov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Antimony and Cu Isotope Variations in the Sb-Au Orogenic Deposit Dúbrava (Slovakia)
Kaufmann AB, Lazarov M, Weyer S, Kiefer S & Majzlan J

(2021) Occurrences and Processes of Precious Metal Enrichment in Sulphides Assessed by Combining LA-ICP-MS, HR-Tem and Fe Isotope LA-MC-ICP-MS Analyses
Pačevski A, Lazarov M & Zavašnik J

(2020) In situ Determination of Sb Isotopes by fs-LA-MC-ICP-MS
Kaufmann AB, Lazarov M, Weyer S & Majzlan J

(2020) The Trace Element Composition of a Range of Modern and Archean Microbial Carbonates
Martin A, Unruh C, Lazarov M, Markowska M, Junginger A, Bischoff K, Chivas A & Weyer S

(2020) Tracing the Formation of Polymetallic Deposit Using Fe and Cu Isotopes
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S

(2019) Fe-Cu Stable Isotope and Trace Element Variations during Mantle Metasomatism – A Study on Sulfide Blebs from Peridotite Xenoliths from Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)
Szabó C, Patkó L, Ciążela J, Aradi LE, Liptai N, Pieterek B, Lazarov M, Holtz F & Kovács IJ

(2019) Isotopic Signatures of Cu and Hg during Weathering of Tetrahedrite and Chalcopyrite
Majzlan J, Stevko M, Herrmann J, Lazarov M & Wiederhold J

(2019) Uranium Isotope Fractionation Across the GOE Boundary: Insights from a New Dataset and Changepoint Analyses
Martin A, Brueske A, Lazarov M & Weyer S

(2018) The Distribution of Lead in Mantle Rocks: Insights from the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif (Italian Alps)
Wang Z, Lazarov M, Steinmann L, Becker H, Zou Z & Geng X

(2017) Fe and Cu Isotope Fractionation in Acidic Mine Tailings: Modification and Application of a Sequential Extraction Method
Roebbert Y, Rabe K, Lazarov M, Schippers A, Dold B & Weyer S

(2017) Experimental Investigation of Copper Transport in Fluids: Cu Solubility and Isotopic Fractionation
Qi D, Behrens H, Lazarov M, Botcharnikov R & Holtz F

(2016) Ore Formation Processes in Porphyry Cu Deposit Revealed by in situ Cu Isotope Analyses
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S

(2015) Matrix and Laser Energy Effects during in situ Determination of Cu Isotope Ratios by UV-fsLA-MC-ICP-MS
Lazarov M & Horn I

(2013) Metal Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Processes in the Critical Zone
Rabe K, Schippers A, Weyer S, Schuth S & Lazarov M

(2013) In situ Measurements of Cu Isotopes in Cu Sulphides
Lazarov M, Horn I, Weyer S & Pacevski A

(2012) Metasomatic Control of Water in Garnet and Pyroxene from Kaapvaal Craton Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Woodland AB, Bell DR, Lazarov M & Lapen TJ

(2011) Cu Isotope Fractionation in Primary and Secondary Copper Minerals from the Coka Marin and Bor Mining Areas (East Serbia)
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Pacevski A & Horn I

(2010) Controls of H Incorporation in Pyroxenes and Garnets from FTIR Data on Kaapvaal Craton Xenoliths
Peslier A, Woodland A & Lazarov M

(2010) Final Depletion of the Kaapvaal Cratonic Root: Lu-Hf Versus Re-Os Dating of Garnet Peridotites from the Finsch Mine (South Africa)
Brey GP, Becker H, Lazarov M & Shu Q

(2007) Timing of Mantle Depletion and Enrichment from Single Subcalcic Garnet Grains (Finsch Mine, SA)
Lazarov M, Brey GP, Harris JW & Weyer S

(2006) Mapping of the Kaapvaal craton lithosphere with garnets from a polymict peridotite
Lazarov M, Brey G & Lahaye Y

(2006) Refertilization of highly depleted lithospheric mantle (Balkan peninsula, SE Europe): Evidence from peridotite xenoliths
Downes H, Cvetkovic V, Hock V, Prelevic D & Lazarov M

(2004) Hf-Isotope Measurements at ppt Concentration Levels with Multi Ion Counting ICP-MS
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Bouman C, Schwieters J & Brey G

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