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All abstracts by Graham D. Layne in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Chlorine Isotope Determination by SIMS: Standard Development and Application to Melt Inclusions from Subduction Zone Settings
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Baumgartner LP, Rose-Koga EF, Ulmer P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Sharp Z, Williams J, Layne GD, Straub S & Métrich N

(2013) Halogens in the Early Solar System Inferred from Meteoritic Phosphates
Roszjar J, John T, Whitehouse MJ, Bischoff A & Layne GD

(2011) Halogen Concentrations and δ37Cl in Apatite as a Fluid Probe to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Layne G, John T, Whitehouse M, Austrheim H & Kusebauch C

(2011) Halogen Composition of the Early Solar System Inferred from Meteoritic Apatites
Roszjar J, John T, Whitehouse M, Layne G & Bischoff A

(2009) Chlorine Isotopes as Tracers of Slab Fluxes in Arc Magmas
Layne G, Kent A & le Roex P

(2008) The Chlorine Isotope Signature of Mantle Endmembers
John T, Layne G & Haase K

(2008) Chlorine Isotope Systematics of a Back-Arc Spreading System
Layne G, Kent A & Bach W

(2005) Trace Metal Concentrations in Common Sulfide Minerals Using SIMS
Layne G, Tivey M & Humphris S

(2004) Do Early Archean Isua and Akilia Rocks Contain Traces of Life?
Lepland A, Whitehouse M, Layne G, Van zuilen M & Arrhenius G

(2003) Large Local Heterogeneities of the MORB Source Mantle: Melt Inclusion Pb Isotope Studies
Shimizu N & Layne G

(2002) Boron Partitioning in the haplogranite-NaCl-H2O System at 800C and 100 MPa
Schatz OJ, Dolejs D, Stix J, Williams-Jones AE & Layne GD

(2002) Advantages of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Trace Element Studies of Marine Biomineralization
Layne G & Cohen A

(2002) Pb Isotopic Variations in Kilauea Magmas: From Pre-Shield to Shield Stages
Shimizu N, Sisson T & Layne G

(2000) Trace Element and Isotopic Characteristics of Primitive Melt Inclusions from Mt. Shasta, California
Rose E, Shimizu N, Layne G & Grove T

(2000) U Series Isotopic Variability in Galapagos Lavas, Evidence of a Mildly Buoyant Plume
Saal A, Kurz M, Hart S, Blusztajn J, Layne G, Sims K & Geist D

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