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All abstracts by Corey Lawrence in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Mapping Contaminant Distributions and Sources Across Heterogeneous Landscapes Through Remotely Sensed Metal Bioaccumulation
Grant K, Chadwick KD, Brodrick PG, West J, Lawrence C, Falco N & Maher K

(2019) Kinetic Heterogeneity of Soil Organic Matter at the Global Scale
Lawrence C, Heckman K, Hicks Pries C, Crow S, Sierra C & Trumbore S

(2019) Rock Respiration: Sub-Soil Carbon Oxidation in the Unsaturated Bedrock of a Forested Hillslope
Druhan J, Tune A, Wang J, Lawrence C & Rempe D

(2018) A Reactive Transport Model for Heterotrophic Respiration in Soil Profiles Constrained with Laboratory Incubations Using Multiple Pulse Wetting Events
Liu Y, Lawrence C, Winnick M, Hsu H-T, Maher K & Druhan J

(2018) Differential Movement of Solid Phases: A Case Study of Soil Organic Carbon Storage
Druhan J & Lawrence C

(2017) A New Age of Radiocarbon: Reactive Transport Models as a Tool for Assessing Soil Carbon Cycling
Lawrence C, Druhan J, Heckman K & Berhe A

(2016) A Reactive Transport Model Including Low Soil Moisture Limitations on Soil Carbon Respiration
Liu Y, Druhan J, Sanford R, Lawrence C, Winnick M & Maher K

(2016) Variations of Organic Matter Composition with Climate, Soil Age, and Depth
Lawrence C, Schulz M & Tfaily M

(2015) Signatures of Long-Term Rhizosphere Processes at Depth—xeric Versus Mesic Soil-Moisture Regimes
Schulz M, Lawrence C & Stonestrom D

(2014) Iron in Soils of a Marine Terrace Chronosequence: The Development of Structured Heterogeneity
Schulz M, Lawrence C, Stonestrom D, Manning J & Kyker-Snowman E

(2014) Organometal Complexes Link Soil Development and Carbon Cycling
Lawrence C, Schulz M & Maher K

(2012) The Weathering Forefront for Permafrost Carbon: Priorities for Critical Zone Research
Harden J, Ewing S, Jorgenson T, Koven C, Lawrence C, Schulz M & Waldrop M

(2012) Modeling the Influence of Organic Acids on Soil Weathering
Lawrence C, Maher K, Schulz M & Harden J

(2012) Marine Terrace Soils along the West Coast of North America: A Weathering Archive?
Schulz M, Lawrence C, Stonestrom D, Bullen T, Harden J, White A, Fitzpatrick J & Masiello C

(2010) Toward a Model Framework for Evaluating the Long-Term Capacity of Soils to Sequester Carbon
Lawrence C & Harden J

(2010) The Role of Disturbance in the Regulation of Carbon Exchange by Soils
Harden J & Lawrence C

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