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All abstracts by Bruno Lanson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Metal Sorption on Clay Minerals Aiming at the Geological Storage of Nuclear Wastes
Di Lorenzo F, Stotskyi V, Scheinost AC, Lanson M, Lanson B, Churakov SV & Marques Fernandes M

(2021) Ferrobrucite Synthesis and Reactivity Under Hydrothermal Conditions Below 150℃
Carlin W, Malvoisin B, Brunet F, Lanson B, Findling N, Lanson M, Fargetton T, Jeannin L & Lhote O

(2019) Water Trapping Dynamics in Carbohydrate-Populated Smectite Interlayer Nanopores: Experiments and Theory
Aristilde L, Kelch S, Ferrage E, Lanson B, Bakker E & Charlet L

(2012) A Multi-Proxy Study of the Mackenzie Shelf Waters
Lansard B, Mucci A, Brown K & Babin M

(2011) Nucleation and Growth of Acicular Goethite from Ferric Hydroxide Gel Under Moderate Temperature (30 and 70℃)
Montes-Hernandez G, Beck P, Renard F, Quirico E, Lanson B, Chiriac R & Findling N

(2010) Water Organization in Na-Saponite. An Experimental Validation of Numerical Data
Ferrage E, Sakharov BA, Michot LJ, Lanson B, Delville A & Cuello GJ

(2009) X-Ray Views of the Defect Structure and Chemistry of Environmental Nanoparticles
Manceau A, Lanson B, Marcus M, Skanthakumar S & Soderholm L

(2009) Interlayer Structures and Binding Conformations in the Interaction of a Tetracycline Antibiotic with a Smectite Clay
Aristilde L, Lanson B, Johnson M & Charlet L

(2005) Structure Determination of Natural and Synthetic Nanocrystalline Phyllomanganates
Lanson B & Manceau A

(2004) Influence of pH on the Hydration State of Ca-Montmorillonite: XRD Profile Modeling Vs Chemical Modeling
Ferrage E, Tournassat C & Lanson B

(2001) What Determines the Coordination Chemistry of Zn Sorbed on Phyllomanganate?
Manceau A, Lanson B & Drits VA

(2000) Surface Structural Control of Trace Element Partitioning in Natural Mn Oxides
Manceau A, Lanson B & Drits V

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