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All abstracts by Yun-Chao Lang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Mechanisms Controlling Carbon and Nitrate Transportation in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Li S-L, Zhong J, Yue F, Lang Y-C & Liu C-Q

(2017) Variation of Water Chemistry and Dissolved Carbon to Hydrological Conditions in a Large River, SW China
Li S-L, Zhong J, Yue F, Lang Y & Liu C-Q

(2017) The Chemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Dissolved Sulfate in Rivers of Songliao Basin, NE China
Lang Y-C, Li S-L, Liu C-Q, Ding H, Yue F, Li X, Zhao Z & Hu J

(2016) Distribution Characteristic and Sources Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) in the Songhua River Drainage Basin, Northeast China
Hu J, Zhao Z, Lang Y, Guo Q, Yang J & Song G

(2016) Discrimination of Dissolved Sulfate and Chloride Sources in Yangtze River, China
Lang Y-C, Liu C-Q, Aravena R, Ding H, Li S-L, Zhao Z, Chetelat B, Wang B & Wang Q

(2011) Accumulation of Trace Elements in Paddy Soil and Dry Land Under Different Geological Background
Tu C, He T, Liu C-Q & Lang Y-C

(2011) Erosion Rate Estimated from Surface and Profile of Cosmogenic 36Cl in Carbonates in China
Liu C-Q, Xu S, Freeman S, Lang Y-C, Phillips R, Tu C-L & Wilcken K

(2009) Variations in Content and Isotopic Composition of Sulfate in Changjiang (Yangtz River) Water
Liu C-Q, Lang Y-C, Strauss H, Chetelat B, Wang B-L, Li S-L & Li J

(2009) Hydrogeochemical Cycling of Nutrients in a Small Karst Catchment
Lang Y-C, Liu C-Q, Ding H, Liu W-J, Li L-B & Li H-T

(2008) Sulfur Isotope as an Approach Tracing Cycling of Sulfur in Small Karstic River Basins in Southwestern China
Lang Y-C, Liu C-Q, Ding H, Li S-L, Li J & Xue Z-C

(2007) Determination of SO42- Sources Using Stable S Isotope for Two Karstic Ground Water Systems, Guizhou Province, Southwest China
Lang Y-C, Liu C-Q, Li S-L, Gu F & Zhao Z-Q

(2007) Evolution of Carbon in the Karst Groundwater, Zunyi, China
Li S-L, Liu C-Q, Lang Y-C, Zhao Z-Q & Zhou Z-H

(2007) Important Roles of Sulfur Cycling in Karstic Catchment Erosion, Southwest China
Liu C-Q, Jiang Y-K, Lang Y-C, Li S-L, Peng J-H & Xu Z-F

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