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All abstracts by Dimitri Kuzmin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Gaussberg Leicitites – New Data on Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Kuzmin D

(2011) Heterogeneity in the Mantle Plume: Spatial Scales and Ages
Sobolev A, Hofmann A, Jochum K, Kuzmin D & Stoll B

(2011) Volatiles in Siberian Flood Basalts: Melt Inclusions Study
Krivolutskaya N, Sobolev A, Svirskaya N, Nikogosian I, Simakin S & Kuzmin D

(2011) Recycled Crust in the Source of Deccan Flood Basalts
Malamoud K, Sobolev A, Kuzmin D, Viladkar S & Hofmann A

(2011) Structure and Compositions of Zircon Grains from Lower Unites of Norilsk Lava Section
Kuzmin D, Sobolev A, Kuzmina O & Krivolutskaya N

(2011) Modeling Relationships between a Mantle Plume, a Large Igneous Province and a Mass Extinction
Sobolev S, Sobolev A, Kuzmin D, Krivolutskaya N, Petrunin A, Arndt N, Radko V & Vasiliev Y

(2009) Hawaiian Tholeiite in Iceland
Kuzmin D, Sobolev A & Sigurdsson I

(2009) In situ Sr Isotopic Analysis of Low Sr Samples Using LA-ICP-MS
Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Kuzmin D & Sobolev A

(2009) Origin of Siberian Flood Basalts
Sobolev A, Krivolutskaya N & Kuzmin D

(2009) Garnet Pyroxenite Melting at the Break-Up of Gondwana (Karoo LIP) to Present day (Bouvet TJ)
Kamenetsky V, Zellmer G, Kuzmin D, Maas R, Yaxley G & Sobolev A

(2007) Recycled Oceanic Crust as a Source of Siberian Flood Basalts
Sobolev A, Krivolutskaya N, Kuzmin D & Hofmann A

(2006) Heterogeneous primary melts of the Emeishan picrites: contribution from eclogite to “plume” magmas
Kamenetsky M, Kamenetsky V, Chung S-L, Crawford A, Kuzmin D & Sobolev A

(2004) Boundary Layer Contribution to the Composition of Melt Inclusions in Olivine
Kuzmin D & Sobolev A

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