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All abstracts by Biltan Kurkcuoglu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Geochemical Implications of OIB Type Basalt in Garnet-Spinel Stability Field in Southern Thrace Region, Turkey
Günes B, Kürkcüoglu B, Hanan B, Yürür T & Furman T

(2015) Metasomatic Modification of Lherzolite during Slab Rollback in NW Anatolia
Gunes B, Kurkcuoglu B, Yurur T, Hanan B & Furman T

(2015) Genesis of Mafic-Intermediate Lavas at Hasandag Stratovolcano, Central Anatolia
Gall H, Furman T, Kurkcuoglu B & Hanan B

(2013) Isotopic and Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of Post-Collisional Mafic Tholeiites from Erkilet, Central Anatolia
Kurkcuoglu B, Furman T, Pickard M, Sen E, Hanan B, Sen P, Sayit K & Yurur T

(2012) Petrogenesis of Alkaline Mafic Rocks from Sivas, Central Anatolia: New Insight into Ancient Continental Assembly and Break-Up
Pickard M, Furman T, Kurkcuoglu B, Hanan B & Sayit K

(2008) Geochemical Implications of Basaltic Products from Develidag Volcanic Complex, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Kurkcuoglu B

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