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All abstracts by Martin Kunz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Hydrous Silica in the Lower Mantle
Shim S-H, Nisr C, Chen H, Leinenweber K, Chizmeshya A, Prakapenka V, Kunz M, Bechtel H, Liu Z &  

(2014) Al-Tobermorite and Phillipsite in Roman Seawater Concrete with Zeolitized Pumiceous Pozzolan
Jackson M, Mulcahy S, Kunz M, Chen H, Li Q, Wenk H-R & Monteiro P

(2014) The Formation and Fate of Minerals in a Buoyant Rising Plume
Sorensen J, Breier J, Jiang H, Dick G, Tamura N, Kunz M & Toner B

(2011) Solid Speciation of As, Pb and Sb-Rich Anthropogenic Residues
Courtin-Nomade A, Rakotoarisoa O, Bril H, Kunz M & Tamura N

(2008) Coupling Micro-Raman and Micro-Scanning X-Ray Diffraction to Characterize Heterogeneous Material
Courtin-Nomade A, Vanaecker M, Kunz M & Tamura N

(2008) Residual Strain and Domain Orientation in Quartz
Kunz M, Tamura N & Wenk H-R

(2006) Using advanced accelerators to understand the lower mantle and beyond
Clark S, Speziale S, Jeanloz R, Kunz M, Caldwell W, Walter M & Walker D

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