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All abstracts by Justin Kulongoski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Quantifying Past Water-Table Depths from High-Precision Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Groundwater
Seltzer A, Ng J, Kulongoski J, Stute M & Severinghaus J

(2018) Methane Emissions from Groundwater Pumping in the USA
Kulongoski J & McMahon P

(2018) Noble Gas Characteristics in Groundwaters Near Selected Oil Fields from the San Joaquin Basin, USA
Barry P, Hunt A, Kulongoski J, Tyne R, Davis T, Wright M, McMahon P, Landon M & Ballentine C

(2018) Noble Gas Characterisation of Produced Waters from the Fruitvale and Lost Hills Oil Fields, CA, USA
Tyne R, Barry P, Kulongoski J, Landon M, Hillegonds D, McMahon P & Ballentine C

(2017) Noble Gas Characteristics of Produced Gases from the Lost Hills and Fruitvale Oil Fields, USA
Barry P, Kulongoski J, Tyne R, Hillegonds D, Byrne D, McMahon P, Landon M & Ballentine C

(2017) Characterization of Produced Water from the Fruitvale, Lost Hills, North Belridge, and South Belridge Oil Fields, California, USA
Kulongoski JT, Wright MT, McMahon PB, Davis TA & Landon MK

(2017) Noble Gas Extraction and Purification from Oil/Water Mixtures
Hillegonds D, Tyne R, Barry P, Byrne D, Kulongoski J & Ballentine C

(2016) Continuous Sampling of Geothermal and Groundwater Volatiles in Earthquake-Prone Regions
Hilton D, Barry P, Fu C-C, Yang F & Kulongoski J

(2014) Tracing Arc-Like Volatiles into Panama Using Helium and CO2
Patel B, Hilton D, Kulongoski J, Ramirez C, Barry P & Blackmon K

(2014) Helium and CO2 Systematics of the San Andreas Fault System
Hilton D, Evans T, Zhang X, Kulongoski J, Ramirez C, Blackmon K & Barry P

(2014) Helium in California Groundwater
Kulongoski J, Esser B, Belitz K & Fram M

(2011) Mantle Volatiles in Groundwaters Near the San Andreas Fault
Kulongoski J, Hilton D & Belitz K

(2008) Climate Variability in the Mojave Desert over the Past 43 ka
Kulongoski J, Belitz K, Hilton D & Izbicki J

(2006) Helium-4 characteristics of groundwaters from Central Australia: Comparative chronology with Chlorine-36 and Carbon-14 dating techniques
Kulongoski J, Hilton D, Hostetler S, Cresswell R & Jacobson G

(2005) U-Th-Ra-Rn-He Relationships in Mojave River Basin Groundwaters
Jaffe L, Hilton D, Porcelli D, Swarzenski P, Baskaran M & Kulongoski J

(2002) Helium Studies in the Mojave Desert, California: Quantifying Mantle and Crustal Additions to the Regional Groundwater System
Kulongoski J, Hilton D & Izbicki J

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