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All abstracts by Michael D. Krom in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Phosphorus Cycling in a Low Sulfate Euxinic Ocean Analogue, Lake Cadagno, Switzerland
Xiong Y, Guilbaud R, Peacock C, Cox R, Krom M & Poulton S

(2016) Phosphorus Speciation in Ancient Sedimentary Rocks: Modifications to the SEDEX Method
Thompson J, Guilbaud R, Krom MD & Poulton SW

(2015) Controls of Acid Dissolution of P in Mineral Dust during Atmospheric Processing
Stockdale A, Krom M, Mortimer R, Benning L, Carslaw K, Herbert R & Shi Z

(2015) Phosphorus Cycling in a Euxinic Precambrian Ocean Analogue
Xiong Y, Guilbaud R, Cox R, Peacock C, Krom M & Poulton S

(2015) Iron and Phosphorus Cycling in the Ferruginous Lake La Cruz
Thompson J, Guilbaud R, Posth N, Cox RP, Miracle M-R, Vicente E, Krom MD & Poulton SW

(2015) Domestic Wastewater Inputs of Phosphorus and Nitrogen to the Mediterranean Sea
Powley H, Dürr H, Lima A, Krom M & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Impact of Suspended Inorganic Particles on Phosphorus Cycling in the Yellow (Huanghe) River
Pan G, Krom M, Zhang M, Zhang X & Mortimer R

(2013) Impact of Saharan Dust and Polluted Aerosol on the Microbial Food Web of the Eastern Mediterranean – A Mesocosm Approach
Pitta P, Krom MD, Tsagaraki TM, Giannakourou A, Gogou A, Lagaria A, Mihalopoulos N, Panagiotopoulos C, Parinos C, Rahav E, Shi Z, Tsapakis M, Tsiola A, Violaki K & Herut B

(2011) Minor Effect of Physical Size Sorting on Iron Solubility of Transported Mineral Dust
Woodhouse M, Shi Z, Carslaw K, Krom M, Mann G & Benning L

(2010) Influence of Soil Weathering on the Potential Iron Solubility in Soil Dust Subjected to Atmospheric Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Bonneville S, Baker A, Jickells T, Carslaw K, Mann G & Benning L

(2009) Formation of Iron Nanoparticles during Dust Cloud Processing
Shi Z, Krom M, Benning L, Bonneville S, Baker A & Jickells T

(2003) Anoxic Nitrification in Marine Sediments
Mortimer R, Bartlett R, Morris K & Krom M

(2000) A New Conceptual Model for Microbial Processes in Sediments
Mortimer RJG, Hayes P, Krom M, Davies I, Davison W, Zhang H, Phillips C & Prosser J

(2000) High Volumetric Resolution Reveals Inter-Dependence of Metal Mobilisation in Sediments
Zhang H, Davison W, Mortimer RJG & Krom MD

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