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All abstracts by Christoph Korte in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Corg, N and Hg-Isotopes and Hg Chemostratigraphy in the Late Ordovician–early Silurian Transition, Argentine Precordillera
Sial AN, Chen J, Peralta S, Gaucher C, Korte C, Frei R, Ferreira VP, Lacerda LD, Barbosa JA, Pereira N, Riedel PR & Gomez JC

(2022) Late Ordovician–early Silurian Transition Recorded in the Argentine Precordillera: Insights from C, N, Hg Isotopes and enhanced-Hg Chemostratigraphy
Sial AN, Chen J, Peralta S, Gaucher C, Korte C, Ferreira VP, Lacerda LD, Barbosa JA, Pereira NS, Riedel PR, Gomez JC & Santos NT

(2022) Enhanced Reverse Weathering in the End Permian and the Early Triassic Ocean
Liu X-M, Cao C, Bataille C, Song H, Saltzman M, Wu H, Tierney K, Korte C & Zhang Z

(2021) Permian–Triassic Boundary Volcanism: Hg Isotope and Elemental Hg Proxies in the Meishan and Guryul Ravine Successions
Sial AN, Chen J, Korte C, Pandit MK, Spangenberg JE, Tamayo JCS, Lacerda LD, Ferreira VP, Barbosa JA, Gaucher C, Pereira NS & Riedel PR

(2020) Globally Enhanced Hg Deposition and Hg Isotopes in the K/Pg and PT Boundaries: Link to Volcanism
Sial A, Chen J, de Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spnagenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Gaucher C, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA, Pereira N & Riedel PR

(2019) The Permian‒Triassic Boundary: Insights from Hg Isotopes
Sial A, Chen J, Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spangenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA & Pereira N

(2019) “Cold Climate” Concretions and Early Eocene Warmth: The Glendonites of the Fur Formation, Denmark
Vickers M, Bernasconi S, Thibault N, Schultz BP, Lengger S, Bremer A, Rasmussen JA & Korte C

(2019) Middle to Late Jurassic Climate Changes in the Germanic Basin – δ18O and δ13C of Calcite Fossils
Hougaard IW, Vickers ML, Ullmann C, Schweigert G, Hostettler B, Franz M, Kutz M, Frederiksen JA & Korte C

(2018) Ocean Redox Conditions between the Snowballs – Geochemical Constraints from Arena Formation, East Greenland
Scheller EL, Dickson AJ, Canfield DE, Korte C, Kristiansen KK & Dahl TW

(2018) The Permian‒Triassic and Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundaries: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes
Sial A, Jiubin C, Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spangenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Ferreira V, Pereira N & Santos N

(2017) Carbon Stable Isotope Record in the Coral Species Siderastrea Stellata: A Link to the Suess Effect in Tropical South Atlantic Ocean
Pereira N, Sial A, Shen C-C, Liu S-C, Kikuchi R, Braga B, Frei R, Ullmann C, Korte C, Ferreira V & Kilbourne K

(2017) Impact vs Volcanism in the Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes
Sial A, Chen J, Lacerda LD, Tewari V, Gaucher C, Frei R, Korte C, Cirilli S, Ferreira V, Barbosa JA & Pereira N

(2017) Early Cryogenian Cr Isotope Stratigraphy, Otavi Group, Namibia
Rodler AS, Frei R, Korte C, Gaucher C & Germs GJB

(2016) Oceanographic Change in the Late Cretaceous Chalk Sea (Denmark): Clues from Chromium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau G, Voegelin A, Thibault N, Moreau J, Ullmann C, Korte C & Frei R

(2015) Geochemistry of the Belemnite Rostrum: Genesis and Diagenesis
Ullmann CV, Frei R, Korte C & Hesselbo SP

(2014) Tectonics Forced the Middle Jurassic Ice Age
Korte C, Hesselbo SP, Ullmann CV, Ruhl M & Thibault NR

(2013) Large Igneous Province Volcanism, Ocean Anoxia and Marine Mass Extinction
Ruhl M, Bjerrum CJ, Canfield DE, Korte C, Stemmerik L & Frei R

(2013) Diagenesis Affects Carbonate δ53Cr: Evidence from the K-Pg Boundary Section at Stevns Klint (Denmark)
Voegelin AR, Frei R, Thibault N, Ullmann CV & Korte C

(2013) Chromium Isotope Record of the Otavi Group, Namibia
Rodler A, Frei R, Gaucher C, Voegelin A, Ullmann CV & Korte C

(2013) Preservation Potential of δ7Li Values in Mesozoic Calcite Fossils
Ullmann CV, Campbell HJ, Frei R, Hesselbo SP, Pogge von Strandmann PAE & Korte C

(2011) Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Signatures of High-Latitude Permian to Jurassic Calcitic Fossils from Southern Hemisphere
Ullmann CV, Campbell HJ & Korte C

(2011) A Novel Proxy Links CAMP Volcanism with End-Triassic Mass Extinction and Early Jurassic Evolution
Ruhl M, Bjerrum C, Frei R & Korte C

(2011) Early and Middle Jurassic δ13C and δ18O Trends: A High Resolution Dataset from the UK
Korte C, Hesselbo SP & Ullmann CV

(2009) Stable Isotope Variations in a Modern North Sea Oyster Shell Reflect Annual Environmental Changes
Ullmann C, Wiechert U & Korte C

(2009) Carbon-, Sulphur- and Strontium-Isotope Trends of High- and Low-Latitude Permian Brachiopods
Korte C, Brand U, Strauss H & Veizer J

(2005) Latitudinal Gradient in <$f"Symbol">d<$f"Times-Roman"><+>18<$>O of Permian Brachiopods
Korte C, Brand U, Dickins J, Mertmann D & Veizer J

(2004) Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Ranges in Modern and Ancient Brachiopods
Korte C, Erika G, Schmahl W & Veizer J

(2002) D18O of Permian and Triassic Brachiopods: Implications for Coeval Seawater and Paleotemperatures
Korte C, Jasper T, Kozur HW & Veizer J

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