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All abstracts by Maya Kopylova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Eclogites of the North Atlantic Craton: Insights from the Chidliak Eclogite Xenoliths (S. Baffin Island, Canada)
Pobric V, Korolev N & Kopylova M

(2020) Carbonation Freezing and Mineralogy of the Metasomatized Cratonic Mantle
Kopylova M, Ma F & Tso E

(2019) Destruction and Regeneration of Cratonic Lithosphere Roots: Evidence from the Slave Craton (Canada)
Liu J, Pearson DG, Mather K, Kjarsgaard B & Kopylova M

(2018) Kimberlite Skarns: More Common and More Complex
Kopylova M, Fulop A, Gaudet M & Hilchie L

(2016) Water of the Canadian Cordillera and Slave Craton Lithospheric Mantle
Gelber M, Peslier A, Brandon A & Kopylova M

(2013) Primary Alkali Kimberlite Melt: The Myth Dispelled
Kopylova M, Kostrovitsky S & Egorov K

(2013) Discussion Break
Davies G, Howell D, Hunt L, Kopylova M & Nestola F

(2013) Diamond Inclusions Reveal Fugitive Mantle Nitrogen
Smith E, Kopylova M, Frezzotti ML & Afanasiev V

(2012) Global Oxygen Isotope Survey of Lithospheric Mantle: Implications for the Evolution of Cratonic Roots
Miskovic A, Ickert RB, Pearson DG, Stern RA, Kopylova M & Kjarsgaard B

(2011) Diamondiferous Conglomerate Preserves Evidence for Kimberlite and the Deep Cratonic Root of the Mesoarchean Southern Superior Craton
Kopylova M, Afanasiev V, Bruce L & Ryder J

(2008) Mineralogy of Natural Diamond-Forming Fluids
Kopylova M, Navon O, Dubrovinsky L & Khachatryan G

(2007) Sr Isotopic Compositions of Ultra-Deep Inclusions in Diamonds: Implications for Mantle Chemical Structure and Evolution
Pearson DG, Harlou R, Hayman P, Cartigny P & Kopylova M

(2005) First Natural Samples of Ferropericlase from the Lowermost Mantle
Kopylova M & Hayman P

(2001) A Model for Parameterization of the Thermal State of Mantle Lithosphere
Russell JK, Dipple GM & Kopylova MG

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