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All abstracts by Anthony Koppers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Preliminary Geochronology Results from Dredging the Rio Grande Rise: NBP1808
Davidson P & Koppers A

(2021) Sampling Source Heterogeneities that Bind the Ontong Java Nui Puzzle Together
Tejada MLG, Sano T, Hanyu T, Koppers A, Nakanishi M, Ishikawa A, Miyazaki T, Tani K, Shimizu S, Chang Q & Vaglarov B

(2020) Implications of the Transition from Shield to Rejuvenation in Samoa
Konter J, Jackson M & Koppers A

(2020) Deciphering Pre-Eruptive Thermal Histories Using Coupled Ar/Ar and (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry and Bayesian Inference: Toba Caldera, Sumatra
Danisik M, Mucek A, de Silva S, Miggins D, Schmitt A, Pratomo I, Koppers A, Phatak A & Gillespie J

(2020) Processes that Impact the Composition of FeMn Crusts from the Pacific Ocean and their Use in Refining Permissive Criteria
Mizell K, Hein JR, Lam PJ, Koppers AAP & Staudigel H

(2020) A "Missing Link" for the Macdonald and Arago Hotspots
Buff L, Jackson M, Konrad K, Bizimis M, Koppers A, Price A, Rose-Koga E, Konter J & Blusztajn J

(2019) Contrasting Old and Young Volcanism at Aitutaki, Cook Inlands: Evidence for a Distinct Rarotonga Hotspot?
Jackson M, Halldorsson S, Price A, Kurz M, Konter J, Koppers A & Day J

(2019) Advancements in 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Mafic Phenocryst Phases
Koppers A, Konrad K, Miggins D, Heaton D & Balbas A

(2018) Age Dating Clinopyroxene Phenocrysts with the 40Ar/39Ar Method: Preliminary Results and Future Prospects
Konrad K, Koppers A, Balbas A, Miggins D & Heaton D

(2015) Walvis Ridge-Tristan-Gough, South Atlantic – Triple-Zonation of a Plume over 60 Ma and Role of LLSVP
Class C, Koppers A, Sager W & Schnur S

(2015) Tracing the Long-Lived Rurutu Mantle Source in the Pacific with Implications for Plume Motions
Koppers A, Konrad K, Rose J, Konter J, Finlayson V & Jackson M

(2015) Unravelling the History of the Longest-Lived Hotspots in the Pacific
Jackson M, Konter J & Koppers A

(2014) Constraining the Rapid Construction of TAMU Massif at an ~145 Myr Old Triple Junction, Shatsky Rise
Heaton D & Koppers A

(2014) Trends in Igneous Rocktypes from Shipboard Analysis with LIBS
Konter J, Finlayson V, Engel J, Jackson M & Koppers A

(2014) Past Plate and Mantle Motion from New Ages for the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain
O'Connor J, Steinberger B, Regelous M, Koppers A, Wijbrans J, Haase K, Stoffers P, Jokat W & Garbe-Schoenberg C-D

(2014) A 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology Case Study of Vapor-Phase Sanidine, Biotite, Amphibole, Pyroxene, and Plagioclase from a Syenodiorite Intrusion within Big Bend National Park, Texas
Miggins D, Koppers A & Ren M

(2011) Preliminary Results from Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 330 to the Louisville Seamount Trail
Koppers A, Yamazaki T & Geldmacher J

(2011) A “Hotspot Highway” in the S. Pacific
Jackson M, Hart S, Konter J, Koppers A, Staudigel H, Kurz M, Blusztajn J & Sinton J

(2011) Evidence for a Hawaii-Emperor Bend in the Rurutu Hotspot Track
Konter J, Jackson M & Koppers A

(2010) Development of Cyber-Infrastructure for Experimental Data and Trace Element Partitioning (traceDs)
Nielsen R, Ghiorso M, Koppers A & Cunningham J

(2010) MagIC Database: Comprehensive Archiving and Visualization of Rock- and Paleomagnetic Data Using Web 2.0 Technology
Koppers A, Minnett R, Tauxe L & Constable C

(2010) Collaboration of EarthChem and EARTHTIME to Develop a Geochronology and Thermochronology Database
Walker JD, Ash JM, Bowring J, Bowring SA, Deino AL, Kislitsyn R, Koppers AA & Lehnert KL

(2000) Contrasting Mantle Convection Models by Modeling their Geochemical Evolution with the Terra Nova Toolbox (TnT2000)
Koppers A, Phipps Morgan J & Staudigel H

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