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All abstracts by Monika Koch-Müller in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Pressure Induced Phase Transitions in Ca-Carbonate and Effect of Cationic Substitution on the Phase Behavior
Martirosyan N, Koch-Müller M, Efthimiopoulos I & Jahn S

(2017) Effect of Temperature on the Pressure-Induced Spin Transition in Siderite and Ferromagnesite Derived from Raman Spectroscopy
Müller J, Efthimiopoulos I, Jahn S & Koch-Müller M

(2017) A New FIR Microscope at IRIS
Schade U, Efthimiopoulos I, Müller J, Ritter E & Koch-Müller M

(2017) Comparative Brillouin Spectroscopy Measurements Suggest that Water May be Seismically Invisible in Earth’s Transition Zone
Marquardt H, Schulze K, Kurnosov A, Boffa Ballaran T, Kawazoe T & Koch-Müller M

(2017) High-Pressure Behavior of Natural and Synthetic Triphylite
Efthimiopoulos I, Taran M, Wilke M & Koch-Müller M

(2016) Electronic Spin Transition in Siderite at High Pressure Studied by Raman Spectroscopy: Evidence for a Sharp Spin Transition
Müller J, Speziale S, Jahn S & Koch-Müller M

(2015) Raman Spectroscopy on Pressure-Induced Spin Transitions in Garnets
Friedrich A, Winkler B, Morgenroth W, Koch-Mueller M, Rhede D, Ruiz-Fuertes J, Perlov A & Milman V

(2015) In situ Vibrational Spectroscopy to Study the Phase Relations in the System CaCO3 at High P and T
Koch-Müller M, Jahn S, Birkholz N, Ritter E & Schade U

(2015) Tetrahedrally Coordinated Boron in Synthetic High-Pressure Olenite: Towards Raman Spectroscopy as a Chemical Probe for Tourmaline
Kutzschbach M, Wunder B, Rhede D, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A, Giester G, Heinrich W & Franz G

(2015) Multi-Method Characterization of Synthetic Tourmaline: Rossmanite, Magnesio-Foitite, Dravite, and Maruyamaite
Wunder B, Berryman E, Kutzschbach M, Koch-Müller M, Ertl A & Heinrich W

(2015) Direct Quantification of the Effects of Iron Content and Hydration on the High-Pressure Elasticity of Single-Crystal Ringwoodite
Schulze K, Marquardt H, Kawazoe T, Koch-Müller M, Kurnosov A & Boffa Ballaran T

(2013) Temperature-Induced Phase Transitions in Pb/Sr-Lawsonites
Ende M, Wunder B, Koch-Müller M & Libowitzky E

(2011) Composition and Structure of the 3.65 Å Phase: A DHMS with Exclusively Six-Fold Coordinated Si
Wunder B, Wirth R, Koch-Müller M & Jahn S

(2007) Breakdown of Hydrous Ringwoodite to Pyroxene and Fe3+-bearing-Wadsleyite at High P and T and Oxidizing Conditions
Koch-Müller M, Rhede D, Schulz R & Wirth R

(2007) Progress in the Establishment of a New Infrared Calibration for the SiO2-system
Thomas S-M, Koch-Müller M, Reichart P, Thomas R & Hövelmann J

(2007) Pressure Induced Phase Transition in Hydrous Sr-Anorthite
Mrosko M, Hartmann K & Koch-Müller M

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