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All abstracts by Benjamin Kocar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Formation and Reactivity of Dissolved Species from the Photolysis of Particulate Organic Matter
Carrasquillo A, Gelfond C & Kocar B

(2017) Investigating Mechanisms to Understand Variability in Radium Isotopic Activity Ratios in Natural Environments
Mehta N, Harvey C & Kocar B

(2014) Microbial Manganese Reduction and its Mineralogical Record
Johnson J, Savalia P, Kocar B, Webb S, Nealson K & Fischer W

(2014) Arsenian Pyrite Formation Concentrates Arsenic within Peat Deposits of the Mekong Delta
Stuckey J, Kocar B, Schaefer M, Dittmar J & Fendorf S

(2011) Predicting Spatial and Temporal Concentrations of Arsenic within the Mekong Delta
Kocar B, Benner S & Fendorf S

(2010) Influence of Humic and Fulvic Acid on Arsenic Transport in Columns Filled with Ferrihydrite-Coated Sand
Sharma P, Rolle M, Kocar B, Fendorf S & Kappler A

(2010) Fate and Transport of Arsenic from Constructed Soil Aggregates
Masue-Slowey Y, Kocar B, Jofr├ę SAB, Mayer K, Pallud C & Fendorf S

(2010) Biogeochemically Induced Mineral Transformations Controlling the Fate of Arsenic
Fendorf S, Masue-Slowey Y, Kocar B & Ying S

(2009) Diffusive Controls and Thermodynamic Constraints on Reductive Biogeochemical Reactions
Kocar B & Fendorf S

(2009) Mixed Mineralogical and Biogeochemical Controls on Arsenic Fate in Diffusively Controlled and Physically Complex Media
Ying S, Kocar B, Masue-Slowey Y, Francis C & Fendorf S

(2009) Formation and Transport of Complexes of Arsenic, Iron and Organic Matter in a Flow Through System
Sharma P, Kocar B, Fendorf S & Kappler A

(2008) Defining Spatial and Temporal Variations in Biogeochemical Processes Governing Arsenic Mobility
Fendorf S, Kocar B, Tufano K, Masue Y, Polizzotto M, Pallud C & Benner S

(2008) Deriving and Simulating the Coupled Biogeochemical and Hydrologic Processes Governing Arsenic Transport within Evolving Sedimentary Basins of Southeast Asia
Kocar B, Ying S, Polizzotto M, Ung M, Suy B, Phan K, Samreth S, Sampson M, Benner S & Fendorf S

(2005) Arsenic Mobilization Influenced by Iron Reduction and Sulfidogenesis
Kocar B, Tufano K, Masui Y, Stewart B, Herbel M & Fendorf S

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