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All abstracts by Katsura Kobayashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Constraining the Processes Responsible for the Origin and Evolution of Extraterrestrial Organic Matter: Evidence from the Asteroid Ryugu
Potiszil C, Kobayashi K, Tanaka R, Kunihiro T, Kitagawa H, Ota T, Yamanaka M, Sakaguchi C & Nakamura E

(2023) Aqueous Alteration on the Progenitor Body of the Asteroid Ryugu Revealed Through H-C-N-O Isotope Systematics
Tanaka R, Potiszil C, Ota T, Kunihiro T, Sakaguchi C, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Yamanaka M & Nakamura E

(2017) Characteristics and the Distribution of Source Materials for OIB at the West African Passive Margin
Belay IG, Tanaka R, Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interactions Imprinted on Lithium Isotopes in the Horoman Peridotites, Japan
Ota T, Watanabe M, Ranaweera L, Moriguti T, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Geochronological Constrains on the Evolution of Late Cenozoic Volcanism in the Chugoku Area, SW Japan
Nguyen TT, Pineda-Velasco I, Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2016) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Adakitic Magmatism in SW Japan
Pineda-Velasco I, Kitagawa H, Nguyen TT, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2015) The Origin and Dynamics of Mantle Sources beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Belay I, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H, Tanaka R, Aka F & Nakamura E

(2012) Involvement of Recycled Silica-Rich Pyroxenite in Continental Intraplate Magmatism: Evidence from Alkaline Basalts in NW Kyushu, SW Japan
Tokeshi S, Tanaka R, Kobayashi K, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2009) Unroofing the Kalahari Craton: Provenance Data from Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Successions
Zimmermann U, Fourie P, Naidoo T, Chemale Jr F, Nakamura E, Kobayashi K, Kosler J, Beukes N, Tait J & van Staden A

(2008) Post-Entrapment Li Isotope Fractionation in Melt Inclusions from Volcán Jorullo, Mexico
Feineman M, Johnson E, Wallace P, Kobayashi K, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2008) Lead Isotope Systematics of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Hawaiian Lavas
Tanaka R, Sakyi PA, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2008) Geochemistry of Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks from the Southern Musoma-Mara Greenstone Belt: Implication for the Evolution of the Tanzania Craton
Messo C, Yamashita K, Kobayashi K, Makishima A, Sakaguchi C & Nakamura E

(2008) Non-Relationship between Slab Melting and High-Mg Andesite from Northwestern Kyushu, SW Japan
Tokeshi S, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2007) Geochemical Dynamics in an Active Margin of East Asia: Implications from the Temporal and Spatial Geochemical Evolution of Magmatism in Northern Kyushu, SW Japan
Tokeshi S, Kobayashi K, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2007) Large-Scale Fluid Flow in a Cold Subduction-Zone: SIMS Li-Isotope Study of Jadeitite Veins in Franciscan Metagraywacke
Tsujimori T, Moriguti T, Kunihiro T, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2006) Recent Stromboli (Italy): insights into magma sources and processes from melt inclusions.
Vannucci F, Kobayashi K, Nakamura E, Tiepolo M, Schiavi R, Bertagnini A & Métrich N

(2006) Temporal geochemical variation of Icelandic magmatism from 13 to 2 Ma
Kitagawa H, Kobayashi K, Makishima A & Nakamura E

(2005) Diversity and Evolution of Mantle Sources of the Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Shimizu N, Kobayashi K, Nakamura E & Kurz M

(2004) Geochemical Evolution of a Shallow Magma Plumbing System during the Last 500 Years, Miyakejima Volcano, Japan: Constraints from UTh- Ra Systematics
Yokoyama T, Kuritani T, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2003) Fate of the Subducted Farallon Plate Inferred from Eclogite Xenoliths in the Colorado Plateau
Usui T, Nakamura E, Kobayashi K, Maruyama S & Helmstaedt H

(2003) Formation and Stability of Bioorganic Compounds in Simulated Submarine Hydrothermal Systems
Kobayashi K, Horiuchi T, Islam M & Kaneko T

(2003) Formation of Complex Precursors of Bioorganic Compounds from Possible Interstellar Media
Kobayashi K, Takano Y, Tonishi H, Takeda S, Kaneko T & Takahashi J

(2003) Evaporation Experiments of Li from Li2O-SiO2 Melt and Accompanied Isotopic Mass Fractionation
Okuyama A, Tsuchiyama A, Kobayashi K & Nakamura E

(2003) CH4 Emission, Production and their δ13C Values in Submerged Rice Soil as Influenced by Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
Cheng W, Yagi K, Xu H, Sakai H & Kobayashi K

(2003) Kinetic Study on Trace Element Partitioning Using in situ Observation
Matsumoto N, Abe T, Kobayashi K, Nakamura E & Kitamura M

(2003) Lithium, Boron and Lead Isotope Systematics on Glass Inclusions in Olivine Phenocrysts from Hawaiian Lavas
Kobayashi K, Tanaka R, Moriguti T, Shimizu K & Nakamura E

(2002) The Evolution of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe
Shimizu K, Nakamura E, Maruyama S & Kobayashi K

(2002) Mantle Metasomatism and Rapid Ascent of Slab Components beneath Miyakejima Volcano, Izu Arc, Japan
Yokoyama T, Kobayashi K, Kuritani T & Nakamura E

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