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All abstracts by Kevin Klimm in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Oxidised Primary Arc Melts Trapped in Sub-Arc Mantle Xenoliths and the Origin of Calcalkaline or Low-Fe Rock Suites
Bénard A, Woodland A, Klimm K, Arculus R, Nebel O & Ionov D

(2015) The Sulphate Cycle in Subduction Zones. Another Clue to the Great Oxidation Event?
Klimm K, Bénard A, Woodland A, Arculus R & Ionov D

(2012) Siqueiros Transform MORB; Characteristics of a S-Saturated Suite
McNeill A, Danyushevsky L, Klimm K, Ariskin A & Perfit M

(2011) Experimental Constraints on the Composition of Slab Liquids Below Arc Volcanoes
Klimm K, Schroeder F & Blundy J

(2009) Linking Geochemical Signatures and Sulphur Contents of Arc Magmas: An Experimental Approach
Klimm K, Blundy J, Schollenbruch K & Woodland A

(2007) Experimental Constraints on Trace Element Fluxes from Slab to Wedge
Blundy J, Klimm K & Green T

(2007) The Effect of fO2 and Composition on Sulphur Solubility and Speciation in Hydrous Silicate Systems
Klimm K, Kohn SC, Botcharnikov R & Smith ME

(2006) Applications of High Field Solid State NMR Techniques to Examine Problems in Geochemistry
Smith M, Howes A, Kohn S, Roome B, Couch S & Klimm K

(2004) Differentiation vs. Magma Mixing in A-Type Granites (Wangrah Suite, Australia): An Experimental Study
Klimm K & Holtz F

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