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All abstracts by Markus Kleber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Reactive Transport Modeling of Enhanced Weathering as Soil Amendments for Carbon Removal
Deng H, Spycher N, Sonnenthal EL, Arora B, Kleber M & Nico PS

(2015) Organic Compounds on Mineral Surfaces – Let's Turn up the Heat
Kleber M, Chacon S, Liu SY & Ahmed M

(2015) Conceptualising Carbon Turnover in the Rhizosphere
Kleber M & Myrold D

(2014) From Imaging to Understanding: Frontiers in Chemical Imaging of Soil Carbon Dynamics
Keiluweit M, Kleber M, Bougoure J, Weber P, Pett-Ridge J & Nico P

(2014) Long Residence Times of Rapidly Decomposable Soil Organic Matter: A Mechanistic Modeling Study
Riley WJ, Torn MS, Tang J, Dwivedi D, Maggi F & Kleber M

(2013) Biogeochemical Mechanisms Underlying the Manganese Dependence of Litter Decomposition
Keiluweit M, Nico P, Harmon M, Liu S, Filley T, Pett-Ridge J & Kleber M

(2013) Coupled Spectromicroscopic Investigations for Improved Conceptual Models of Soil Carbon Cycling
Nico P, Keiluweit M, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P & Kleber M

(2013) Mapping Soil Carbon from Cradle to Grave: C Transformations from Roots to Organo-Mineral Associations
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Shi S, Nuccio E, Bougoure J, Weber P, Brodie E, Mayali X, Kleber M, Nico P & Firestone M

(2012) Investigating Controls on Chemical Weathering in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon
Pett-Ridge J, Krett W, Curcio N & Kleber M

(2012) Metals and Microbes: Imaging Organic Matter-Mineral Relationships at High Resolution with STXM/NanoSIMS
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico PS, Weber PK, Zeglin L, Myrold DD & Kleber M

(2012) Examining the Root Exudate-Induced Cycling of Reactive Maganese Species in the Rhizosphere
Keiluweit M, Nico P, Bougoure J, Pett-Ridge J & Kleber M

(2011) A Role of Plant Biomass-Derived Black Carbon in Electron Transfer Processes?
Wanzek T, Keiluweit M, Daniel P, Baham J & Kleber M

(2011) A Poor Man’s Enzyme? Effects of Reactive Mn(III)-Oxalate Complexes on Structurally Intact Plant Cell Walls
Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico P, Summering J, Kleber M & Pett-Ridge J

(2011) Association of Amino Sugars (Chitin) with Fe Oxyhydroxides in Mycorrhizal Mat Soils – A STXM/NanoSIMS Investigation
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico P, Weber P, Zeglin L, Myrold D & Kleber M

(2010) C and N Dynamics in Soil Microstructures: A Joined STXM/NEXAFS and NanoSIMS Approach
Keiluweit M, Nico PS, Zeglin LH, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P, Myrold DD & Kleber M

(2010) The Speciation of Organic Matter in Soil Mineral Organic Associations – Inference from STXM and N, C and Fe NEXAFS
Nico P, Keiluweit M, Kleber M, Hatton P-J, Zeller B & Derrien D

(2010) Visualizing Organic Matter Biogeochemistry at the Microaggregate Scale: Lessons from STXM-SIMS
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Kleber M, Myrold D, Nico P & Weber P

(2009) Molecular Arguments for New Semantics in Organic Matter Research
Kleber M

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