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All abstracts by Kalle Kirsimäe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Two-Billion-Year-Old-Evaporites Capture Earth’s Great Oxidation
Blättler C, Claire M, Prave A, Kirsimäe K, Higgins J, Medvedev P, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Zerkle A, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Millar I, Hayles J, Bao H, Turchyn A, Warke M & Lepland A

(2017) Isotope Characteristics of Primary and Secondary Carbonates in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Fm, NW Russia
Kreitsmann T, Paiste P, Külaviir M, Sepp H, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2017) High Paleoproterozoic Seawater Sulfate Recorded in Earth's Oldest Known Large Evaporite Basin
Lepland A, Prave A & Kirsimäe K

(2017) Multiple S Isotopes Record Environmental Changes in the 2 Ga Zaonega Fm
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle AL, Wing BA, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K, Bui TH & Panieri G

(2016) Chemical Weathering Indicators at Archean–Proterozoic Transition in the Petchenga, Imandra-Varzuga Greenstone Belts and Onega Basin
Soomer S, Lepland A, Somelar P & Kirsimäe K

(2016) Environmental Settings of Apatite Precipitation in the Paleoproterozoic Pilgujärvi Sedimentary Formation
Kreitsmann T, Joosu L, Lepland A, Krupenik VA, Üpraus K, Paiste P & Kirsimäe K

(2016) Origin of Isotopically Heavy Pyrite (δ34S>20‰) in the Paleoproterozoic Zaonega Formation
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle A, Patel N, McLean F, Wing B, Bui TH, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K & Panieri G

(2015) Origin of 2.0 Ga Phosphorites and Associated Carbon and Sulphur Isotope Anomalies, Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Üpraus K, Lepland A, Zerkle A, Oduro H, Patel N, McLean F, Kreitsmann T, Kirsimäe K, Wing B, Bui TH, Martma T, Romashkin A & Rychanchik D

(2015) Apatitic Micronodules in Namibian Shelf Sediments: Mineralized Microbes or Diagenetic Precipitates?
Mänd K, Bailey J, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2014) Fossilization by Phosphatization 2 Billion Years ago
Lepland A, Joosu L & Kirsimäe K

(2013) Microbially Mediated Phosphogenesis 2 Ga ago
Joosu L, Lepland A & Kirsimäe K

(2012) Precambrian Palaeosol from Baltica – Reconstructing the Neoproterozoic Climate
Liivamagi S, Kirsimae K, Somelar P & Kirs J

(2012) Active Filtration of Phosphorus with Hydrated Oil-Shale Ash in Constructed Wetlands: Geochemical Modelling and Phosphorus Removal Efficiency
Liira M, Koiv M, Motlep R, Vohla C, Mander U & Kirsimaee K

(2008) Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal System at Kärdla Impact Structure, Estonia
Versh E, Kirsimäe K, Jõeleht A & Plado J

(2004) Life in Meteorite Impact-Generated HT Systems: Perspectives and Evidences
Versh E, Kirsimäe K & Jõeleht A

(2004) Early Diagenetic Control on Lower Paleozoic K-Bentonite Composition in Baltic Basin
Hints R, Kirsimäe K, Kallaste T & Kiipli T

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