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All abstracts by Bryn Kimball in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Chemical Tracers at a Closed Milling Site with Natural and Anthropogenic Contaminants
Kimball B & Arthur R

(2016) Trace Metal Hosts in Stream Sediments Impacted by Mine Waste
Kimball B, Jamieson H, Seal R, Dobosz A & Piatak N

(2014) Speciation of REE in Mine Tailings from the Nechalacho Deposit, NWT, Canada
Purdy C, Gault A, Kimball B & Jamieson H

(2014) Trace Copper and Zinc Release from Jarosite
Kimball B & Seal R

(2012) Copper Speciation in Variably Toxic Sediments: Ely Copper Mine Superfund Site, Vermont
Kimball B, Foster A, Seal Ii R, Piatak N & Hammarstrom J

(2009) Using TEM and ┬Á-XRF to Characterize Bacterially-Mediated Precipitation of Dissolved Copper
Kimball B, Dohnalkova A, Kemner K, Lai B, Macalady J & Brantley S

(2008) Copper Isotopic Fractionation in Acid Mine Drainage
Kimball B, Mathur R, Dohnalkova A & Brantley S

(2008) Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (STXM) in Biogeochemical Environments
MacLean L, Southam G, Kimball B, Brantley S & Wirick S

(2007) Potential Utility of Cu Isotopes to Recognize Secondary Cu Mineralization and the Degree of Enrichment
Mathur R, Brantley S, Wall A, Kimball B, Barra F, Titley S, Munizaga F & Makseav V

(2007) Using Copper Isotopes to Distinguish Biotic and Abiotic Effects on Acid Mine Drainage
Kimball B, Brantley S & Mathur R

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