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All abstracts by Natalia Kharitonova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Origin of CO2-rich Mineral Waters from Essentuki spa (Caucasian Mineral Waters Region, Russia)
Baranovskaia E, Kharitonova N, Maslov A & Filimonova E

(2020) Geochemistry of Thermal Waters of the Okhotsk Sea Shore, Far East of Russia
Bragin I, Chelnokov G & Kharitonova N

(2020) Geothermometry of Northern Tien Shan Thermal Waters (Issik-Kul Lake Basin)
Chelnokov G, Lavrushin V, Bragin I, Abdullaev A & Kharitonova N

(2020) Geochemistry of the Cold CO2-rich Water in the Volcanic Aquifer System (Far East of Russia)
Kharitonova N, Chelnokov G, Bragin I, Liamina L, Nakamura H & Iwamori H

(2020) New Data on Isotopic Signature of the Thermal Groundwaters from Kuldur spa (Russia)
Lyamina L, Kharitonova N, Chelnokov G, Bragin I, Nakamura H, Iwamori H, Morikava N & Чебыкин Е

(2019) Chemical and Isotopic Signatures of the Thermal Groundwaters from Kuldur spa (Russia)
Lyamina L, Kharitonova N, Bragin I, Nakamura H, Iwamori H, Morikawa N & Chebikin E

(2019) REY's Content and Fate in Groundwaters within the Armenian Region (Lesser Caucasus)
Kharitonova N, Lavrushin V, Meliksetian K, Aidarkozhina A & Chirkova E

(2016) Geochemical Characteristics of Brackish Waters and Gases of Sakhalin Island
Chelnokov G, Bragin I, Kharitonova N & Chudaev O

(2016) Fractionation of Rare-Earth Elements during Karst Groundwater Formation at Lozovyj Ridge, Russian Far East
Bragin I, Chelnokov G, Chudaev O & Kharitonova N

(2016) REY Geochemistry of Groundwaters and Corresponding Rocks from Sikhote-Alin Ridge, Primorye, Russia
Kharitonova N, Chelnokov G, Chudaev O, Bragin I & Alexandrov I

(2013) The First Data About the REE’s Contents in New-Formed Phases (Berezitovoe Cold Deposit, Priamurye, Russia)
Vakh E, Vakh A & Kharitonova N

(2013) Isotopes of Oxygen and Hydrogen in Natural Waters from NE of Asia
Kharitonova N, Chelnokov G & Bragin I

(2012) CO2 Rich Springs of the Far East Russia. Composition and Origin
Chudaev O & Kharitonova N

(2011) Hydrogeochemistry and Origin of Cold High pCO2 Waters of Gonjinskoe spa (Priamurye, Russia)
Kharitonova N, Tarasenko I & Chelnokov G

(2011) The First Data About the Concentrations REEs in Waters from Weathering Zone of Berezitovoe Gold Deposit (Priamurye, Russia)
Vakh E, Vakh A & Kharitonova N

(2010) Geochemical Evolution of Brackish Waters and Gases in Coastal Area of Japan Sea
Chelnokov G, Kharitonova N, Bragin I & Karabtsov A

(2009) REEs in High pCO2 Groundwater from Volcanic-Sedimentary Bedrocks of Sikhote-Alin Ridge (Russia)
Kharitonova N, Chelnokov G & Vakh E

(2007) Hydrochemical and Isotopical Tracers in Groundwaters from Coastal Zone of the Primorye, Far East of Russia
Kharitonova N & Chelnokov G

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