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All abstracts by Michael Kersten in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Pore-Scale Simulation of Calcite Cement Dissolution in Sandstone
Hinz C, Enzmann F & Kersten M

(2017) Dynamic Simulation of Kinetic Calcite Dissolution in a μCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F & Kersten M

(2017) The Herbicide MCPA is Enhancing Mobility of Copper in Soil
Stoll M, Kersten M & Kulenkampff J

(2016) Dynamic Simulation of Diffusion Controlled Celestite Precipitation in a µCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F, Chagneau A, Schäfer T, Glatt E & Kersten M

(2015) Effect of Temperature on Oxyanion Adsorption by Goethite
Kersten M

(2014) Competitive Silicic Acid – Dimethylarsenic Acid (DMA) Uptake by Fe Hydroxide Plaques
Kersten M & Daus B

(2014) Surface Complexation Modeling of Herbicide Adsorption by Goethite: 4-Chloro-2-Methylphenoxyacetic Acid (MCPA)
Kersten M, Tunega D & Georgieva I

(2013) Coprecipitation: Mechanisms and Quantitative Models
Kersten M

(2013) Stable Isotope Composition of Anthropogenic Thallium Deposition
Kreissig K, Rehkämper M & Kersten M

(2013) Arsenate Adsorption by Akaganeite
Kersten M & Vlasova N

(2013) Direct Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation in a Sedimentary Matrix on the Microscale
Sell K, Chaouachi M, Enzmann F, Kuhs WF, Kersten M, Pinzer B & Saenger EH

(2009) Microbial Volatilization of Inorganic Selenium Sorbed by Goethite, LDH, and Ferroselite
Peitzsch M & Kersten M

(2008) Heavy Metals in Soils: Distribution, Forms, Bioavailability, and their Impacts on Soil Biota (Uzbekistan, Angren-Almalik Mining Industrial Area)
Shukurov N, Kersten M, Pen-Mouratov S, Steinberger Y & Wilcke W

(2007) Speciation of Organometal(loid) Compounds in Landfill Gas and Landfill Leachate by Hyphenation of GC with ICP-MS
Kremer D & Kersten M

(2007) Microbial Mobilization / Volatilization of Selenium Sorbed on Soil Minerals
Peitzsch M, Kremer D & Kersten M

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