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All abstracts by Paul Kenward in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Magnesite Formation at Earth’s Surface
Power I, Harrison A, Kenward P, Dipple G & Wilson S

(2016) Photosynthetic Oxidation of the Earth Before Cyanobacteria
Crowe S, Thompson K, Kenward P, Bauer K, Michiels C, Gauger T, Kappler A, Reinhard C & Konhauser K

(2015) Salinity Controls on Microbial Surface Functional Groups: Impacts on Precipitation of Mg-Carbonates
Edwards M, Voegerl R, Fowle D, Kenward P, Kinnebrew N & Roberts J

(2014) New Insights into Iron-Based Photosynthesis
Thompson K, Lliros M, Borrego C, Kenward P, Darchambeau F, Borges A, Canfield D & Crowe S

(2009) Precipitation of Low-Temperature Dolomite from an Anaerobic Microbial Consortium: The Role of Methanogenic Archaea
Kenward P, Goldstein R, Gonzalez L & Roberts J

(2005) Microbially Controlled Selenate Reduction in Nutrient Limited Systems
Kenward P, Yee N & Fowle D

(2003) Adsorption and Precipitation of Iron on Marine Bacteriophage PWM3a-P1
Daughney C, Chatellier X, Chan A, Kenward P, Fortin D & Suttle C

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