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All abstracts by Paul Kenward in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Framboidal Magnetite Formation in Ferruginous Waters
Bauer K, Byrne J, Kenward P, Michiels C, Simister R, Friese A, Vuillemin A, Henny C, Nomosatyro S, Kallmeyer J, Kappler A, Smit M & Crowe S

(2018) Magnesite Formation at Earth’s Surface
Power I, Harrison A, Kenward P, Dipple G & Wilson S

(2016) Photosynthetic Oxidation of the Earth Before Cyanobacteria
Crowe S, Thompson K, Kenward P, Bauer K, Michiels C, Gauger T, Kappler A, Reinhard C & Konhauser K

(2015) Salinity Controls on Microbial Surface Functional Groups: Impacts on Precipitation of Mg-Carbonates
Edwards M, Voegerl R, Fowle D, Kenward P, Kinnebrew N & Roberts J

(2014) New Insights into Iron-Based Photosynthesis
Thompson K, Lliros M, Borrego C, Kenward P, Darchambeau F, Borges A, Canfield D & Crowe S

(2009) Precipitation of Low-Temperature Dolomite from an Anaerobic Microbial Consortium: The Role of Methanogenic Archaea
Kenward P, Goldstein R, Gonzalez L & Roberts J

(2005) Microbially Controlled Selenate Reduction in Nutrient Limited Systems
Kenward P, Yee N & Fowle D

(2003) Adsorption and Precipitation of Iron on Marine Bacteriophage PWM3a-P1
Daughney C, Chatellier X, Chan A, Kenward P, Fortin D & Suttle C

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