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All abstracts by Tetsuo Kawakami in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Syn-Metamorphic B-Bearing Fluid Infiltrations Deduced from Tourmaline in the Main Central Thrust Zone, Eastern Nepal Himalayas
Kawakami T, Sakai H & Sato K

(2017) Infiltration of Prograde Cl-Rich Fluid into the Granulitic Continental Crust from a Collision Zone in East Antarctica (Perlebandet, Sør Rondane Mountains)
Kawakami T, Higashino F, Skrzypek E, Satish-Kumar M, Grantham G, Tsuchiya N, Ishikawa M, Sakata S & Hirata T

(2017) Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Garnet from Granulite Facies Rocks
Higashino F, Rubatto D, Kawakami T & Bouvier A-S

(2016) Partitioning Behavior of Volatiles between Apatite and Melt in Natural Andesitic-Rhyolitic Magmas
Dokyu M, Kogiso T, Sano Y, Takahata N, Ishida A, Koike M, Kawakami T & Yasuda A

(2016) Monazite Ages in the HT Ryoke Belt (SW Japan): Cooling Ages ?
Skrzypek E, Kawakami T & Kato T

(2016) Possible Polymetamorphism and Brine Infiltration Recorded in the Garnet-Sillimanite Gneiss, Skallevikshalsen, East Antarctica
Kawakami T, Hokada T, Sakata S & Hirata T

(2016) Geochemical Zr Behaviour in the Deep Crust Around Metasomatic Vein Composed of Cl-Rich Hbl and Grt
Higashino F, Kawakami T, Tsuchiya N, Madhusoodhan S-K, Ishikawa M, Grantham G, Sakata S, Hattori K & Hirata T

(2015) Duration of Low-P/T Type Metamorphism and Zircon/Garnet REE Partitioning in Migmatites from the Ryoke Metamorphic Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Horie K, Hokada T, Hattori K & Hirata T

(2015) Mass Transfer in Mafic Gneiss during Upper-Amphibolite Facies Chloride Brine Infiltration
Higashino F, Kawakami T, Tsuchiya N, Satish-Kumar M, Ishikawa M & Grantham G

(2013) Multi-Stage Cl-Rich Fluid Activity and Behavior of REE-Bearing Minerals in a Neoproterozoic Granulite Terrane
Higashino F, Kawakami T, Satish-Kumar M, Ishikawa M, Tsuchiya N & Grantham G

(2013) Contrasting Behaviour of Monazite and Zircon during Partial Melting and Fluid Infiltration: An Example from the Ryoke Metamorphic Belt, Japan
Kawakami T

(2012) Melt Inclusions in Zircon from the Migmatite Zone, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Miyake A, Maki K, Shibata T, Yokoyama TD & Hirata T

(2012) Chlorine-Rich Fluid in Granulite Facies Continental Collision Zone
Higashino F, Kawakami T, M S-K, Ishikawa M, Maki K, Tsuchiya N, Grantham G & Hirata T

(2011) Zircon Behavior in the Upper Amphibolite Facies Polymetamorphic Terrane, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Yokoyama TD, Maki K, Hirata T & Shibata T

(2003) Carbon Isotopic Ratios of Sterols in Steryl Chlorin Esters in Lake Baikal Sediment
Nara F, Naraoka H, Soma M, Soma Y, Tani Y & Kawai T

(2003) Bacterial Activity in Lake Baikal during Late Quaternary as Revealed by Carbon Isotope Composition of Biomakers
Watanabe T, Naraoka H, Nishimura M & Kawai T

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